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Just your friendly birb-mod,
ready to lend a flipper to those in need!
note: not a furry, i just play one online

discord Keke#5555


never let your fear decide your future

Hi there! My name is Kelsey, but you can call me Keke or Lou, and I am pleasantly weird and fiercely loyal. Just a little blue penguin trying to make it in the world, weaving one magical story at a time.

do more of what makes your soul happy.

squadgoals: Shan, Jaz, Lu, Katie, & Allen. ⇇
After all this time? Always.
qLxDB4a.png Br5Hm7s.png eKD9yI6.png abPUYKk.png

I have been actively roleplaying since late 1999. If you have a plot idea that you need someone to be a part of, I would love to hear about it!
It should go without saying that I would love the opportunity to talk to you! Feel free to send me a message on here, or my Discord any time!

| hobbyist | penguin | education | 11/08 | | INFJ-A | witchy |

My work schedule:
Monday - Friday: 8a-4:30p
Central Standard Time
Weekends: OFF.

* I am a toddler twin
mama, so availability
is subject to their whims!



We rise by
lifting others.


☀ Even on the darkest days,
I will stand tall
& find the sunshine. ☀
Me in public vs. me in private â†


Rave Reviews

What's not amazing about Kelsey? Perhaps that her characters are so well thought out it's unbelievable. She has a way of integrating perfectly with all forms of RP. Always a pleasure with her around. - Crystert
KelseyLou is one of the sassiest, friendliest, funniest ladies I've ever met. I enjoy sending her pictures of my dog and food, but mainly I enjoy seeing the level of detail put into characters and the art she chooses to compliment her creations. We don't roleplay as much as we used to, but each time we do I can feel the imagination sparks flying between the two of us. Perhaps it's a good thing, I don't know if we can contain our combined amazing in one chatbox. - Belial

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