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Riddle Rosehearts (played by Five)

Heartslabyul Garden
🌹 Hosted by: Riddle Rosehearts 🌹



This area is CLOSED for visitors!
(1 out of 1 slot taken <3)

You are invited to the Summer Unbirthday Party located in the Heartslabyul Dorm's Rose Garden, we will serve tea, tarts, cakes and play croquet and play with hedgehogs, as much as many more activities. We have also included QR Code to the party's rules on the bottom of the invitation so please be sure to read those thoroughly. We wish you a Merry Unbirthday and hope you can join us soon.

*insert QR Code here*

If you have allergies to roses, paints, hedgehogs, flamingos, magic, grass, air or oxygen, trees, parties, unbirthday parties, summer, gardens, people (human or not), magestones, thaumarks, any form of currency other than thaumarks, rules, allergic reactions, the sky, mazes, teacups, spoons, paintbrushes, pink clothing that belong to flamingo caretakers, croquet, this way, that way, wrong way, tea parties, signs... Please do not attend or be cautious.

Activites include...

- Hedgehog Playpen

Ever wanted to play with a hedgehog? Enter the playpen!

- Croquet Tournament
Grab a flamingo and a hedgehog and head to the croquet tournament grounds!

- Bake Sale
Want to help the endangered Talking Flowers? Buy something from the Bake Sale! All currency, thaumarks or otherwise, go to keeping the Talking Flowers from going extinct.

- Rose Maze
This way, That Way, Wrong Way, Tea Party... Can you find your way in and out of the Rose Maze?

- Tea Party
Let's drink tea, eat tarts and have fun! But make sure to follow the rules, this is an important step to having a great party.
OOC Rules:
- Only 2 people at a time (aside from the Host), I get overwhelmed really quickly.
- Keep your paragraphs small. While we don't want one-liners, we don't want a wall of paragraphs.
- We welcome all time periods of characters, but please keep all weapons and/or technology at the reception desk bin.
- Other Twisted Wonderland characters are allowed, but if you are playing any of the Heartslabyul characters, please PM me first to ask if you can.

- IC Drama can lead to your character to be beheaded, but don't worry, it's not as gruesome as it sounds! Riddle's signature spell is called Off With Your Head, which can summon a heart-shaped collar on one's neck to prevent them from using any magic. While OOC Drama, will just lead to you being kicked out of the event entirely, no matter what your character is doing at that time.

- This event may close at any time, no matter if it's been three weeks or not.
- Have fun, and follow the rules, OOC or IC, they are very, very important.

Riddle Rosehearts (played by Five) Topic Starter

Riddle had been planning this for quite a long time, but it was clear that Ace and Deuce, had not, because Riddle was ordering them around left and right, telling them to paint these roses red and to put this sign the wrong way there...

"Ughhhh!" Ace sighed extremely loud as he nailed the last Rose Maze sign on the post. "This stinks! Why couldn't we have gotten to help with Trey's Bake Sale or something? Sheeeeesh!" Ace looked over at Deuce, who was currently painting a white rose that had been left forgotten by Cater. "I don't knoooow." Deuce whined as well, "I wanted to go help at the reception desk with Caterrrrr..." He threw down the paint brush to the ground below.

Riddle had overheard that the two were talking, though not hearing the conversation, the mere sound of their voices talking, caused him to shout, where ever he was in the maze, "Both of you! Less talking and more working! I want this Summer Unbirthday Party to be the best!"

Ace, startled, hit his finger with the hammer and screamed, throwing the hammer down. "Aaghhhh! Y-Yes Housewarden!" He stifled his scream to reply to the red-haired. "Yes Housewarden!"

And with that, they exchanged looks with each other.
...Ace continued his work, quietly whining about how his finger now hurt.

<3 <3

"Cater, did you send out every invitation?" Riddle walked up to the reception desk. "Yep yep! Don't worry, I made sure that everyone will get their invitation, and if they didn't, it's probably the post office's fault and not mine, hah!" Cater winked.

"Hm. Right." Riddle murmured, "Thank you Cater. Make sure all weapons and technology are dropped off in the bin when the people arrive." He added. Cater nodded, "Okay Housewarden!"

Riddle walked off once more...
<3 <3

"Trey, how is your Bake Sale stall?" Riddle asked, walking up to the vice-housewarden, Trey Clover. "I just finished setting it up, aren't the desserts lovely? It took a lot of work, but it's worth it to see that what I earn helps the talking flowers prevent extinction." Trey warmly said, adjusting his glasses.

Riddle smiled, "I agree. It's very nice to see it going towards something so important."

"Is...Ace and Deuce doing their jobs correctly?" Trey asked. "Well, for the most part. I did overhear them talking instead of working, but I assume they know better than to do that the whole time." Riddle rested his hand on his hip.

"That's good. I'm glad they are doing at least a somewhat great job." Trey grinned.

Riddle looked at his pocket-watch and raised his brows, "Oh! The people should be arriving very soon. I will go check with the other students and see their progress on the Hedgehog Playpen, Croquet Tournament and the Tea Party." Riddle ran off, nearly falling due to his high-heels. "Goodbye Riddle!" Trey waved and continued looking at his Bake Sale sign.

<3 <3

Athanasia de Alger Obelia (played by jennaisante)

"Heartslabyul Dorm's Rose Garden" mumbled the girl with wavy blonde hair usually tied back into a high ponytail, with soft bangs falling into her jewel-blue eyes, as she read the invitation from her phone. "Is this... The right place?" she huffed, after having a long journey to grant the invitation and she was hoping that she came to the right address, as written on the QR Code.
Riddle Rosehearts (played by Five) Topic Starter

Cater noticed her and he leaned on the counter, waving with his free hand.
"Hey hey! Welcome to the Summer Unbirthday Party!" The orange-haired grinned.

"Can you please drop off any weapons and-or technology in that bin right over there for me? Thaank you." Cater nodded to the bin that had the words 'Drop-Off Bin' painted on it, and with smaller letters, it was also painted 'All items will be received by you again once you leave the party' in a different color.

"Love your hair, by the way! If they were here, my little sisters would die to get a hold of that, hah." Cater laughed a bit. Indeed, his little sister's loved doing people's hair. Specifically Cater's, back when he was living with them before he went to college.
Athanasia de Alger Obelia (played by jennaisante)

With the sudden appearance of Cater waving his hand to her, Athanasia leaped a bit and turned her attention to him. "Oh! Hello! So, this is the right place. Phew." Athy took a heavy sigh. She felt relieved, though, that she was succeed to travel away from her castle all alone. She looked around. It seems that the dorm was filled with some people already while preparing for the party. They chit-chat a lot. Athanasia shifted her attention back to Cater.

She was cautious with Cater's order to left her phone on the bin. "I'm sorry... but, you aren't making me as your hostage, are you?" Athanasia gulped, tries to clear her throat because of her caution thoughts, then giggles awkwardly. "It was a joke. I'll trust you with my belongings, then." Athy handed her phone on the bin and received the letter which said that she can get her phone back later after they finished their activity. "Interesting~! I'd like to meet your little sisters then." she said. Athanasia always loved children. She likes to play together with them, she has this youthful energy that sometimes being overwhelmed her.
Riddle Rosehearts (played by Five) Topic Starter

Cater laughed at the joke she made, "No way! No one's a hostage here."

"Except for me being at this dumb reception desk... Ha ha, joking."
He cracked a joke and winked.

After making sure Athy put away the phone, he nodded and replied, "Maybe one day, who knows? But I warn you, if you ever did manage to meet them, they'd be a handful. Trust me, I know." Cater wrote a few things down on a nearby piece of paper, assuming keeping track of how many guests came and go, then looked up.

"Okaaaay~! You can head on in, it's been great chatting with you."

He beckoned towards the entrance, "Have fun and make sure you don't break any rules." He waved once more.
Athanasia de Alger Obelia (played by jennaisante)

"Ah-ha, then you are quite a nice brother to them, aight?" she giggled. "Oh, but wait, where should I head in?" Athy raised her eyebrows, looking more perplexed after she arrived at the dorm and it seemingly has a large territory. She scanned her environment to make sure if there were at least some pointer or rather a sign of direction as to what people come for. She wait for the receptionist to at least enlighten her.
Riddle Rosehearts (played by Five) Topic Starter

Cater nodded, "Yep! At least I try to be."

"Oh, right this way." Cater got out from behind the desk and beckoned her to follow him.

The entrance had a beautiful walkway with roses on it, and looking inside the garden, there was the activities that was listed in the invitation. Trey had just finished up setting the Bake Sale stall, and Ace and Deuce had finally finished the Rose Maze, albeit they were tired and sweaty afterwards.

"Ugh, finally! Now we can actually sit and rest." Ace whined. Deuce laughed, "Ha, yeah..."

The two plopped down on a nearby bench and relaxed.

Meanwhile, Riddle was ordering people around. Until he saw Athy. He approached her, his staff in hand and smiled brightly. "Welcome to the Summer Unbirthday Party. I am the host, Riddle Rosehearts. Please let me know if you have any questions, or if you want any suggestions on where to go first." Riddle held at his staff, warmly speaking to the visitor. Not at all how he sounded ordering everyone else around.

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