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STASH (played anonymously)

In the village of Thorndal, the local inn was always in the center of attention. Folks from all over the village, as well as travelers and adventurers from faraway lands, spend their evenings there, telling mighty tales and exchanging laughs over some warm mead by the fire. It was a cozy and hearthy atmosphere.. and tonight, one that was about to be distrubed.

“Hoooo-za!” A large portal opened up in the middle of the Thorndal Inn, and a blue tomcat jumped out of it. He landed on all fours, as usual, and shook some glowing dust from his pelt. “So.. what’s all- whew, what a smell!” Bizzmal had smelled alcohol before, but had never been a fan. He did also smell some fish being cooked up in the tavern’s kitchen, though, and plenty of new people and species that he’d never seen before. Not a bad choice to teleport to, if he dare say so himself!

“Cute spot. So, what’s a cat do around here to have a good time, hm?” Fantasy realms usually had awesome beasties to catch. Maybe a magical bird or mouse to help his hunger? Bizz sat down on a table, and looked around him with typical feline sass.

(Open to anyone!)
Kobo Kanaeru (played anonymously)

"What the hell?!?!?! Wha--- What was that---- What are you?!!" A blue haired girl was shocked when she found out a big portal just appeared out of nowhere and a cat suddenly pop out from that. She was also surprised that the cat could even talk.... Or did it just all her hallucination?

"Hey... Uh, Where did you come from?!" Kobo slowly but sure stretch out her hand trying to pat the cat's head.
STASH (played anonymously) Topic Starter

“Anywhere and everywhere, kiddo! No need to be alarmed, though, I’m just playing tourist,” Bizzmal grinned, puffing up his tiny chest. Strange, this little woman-like creature had blue fluff on her head, similar to his fur. As far as he was aware, that was not a thing that most humans had. “For now, anyway. What’s the matter with you then, hm? You don’t often see a humble little human with hair like that. Is there magic in this place at all?”
Kobo Kanaeru (played anonymously)

"I'm not a kid, though!" Kobo sulked, despite her appearance that deceived people from regarding her age but for sure she is a legal one. "So, I'm not hallucinating that you can talk! What a smart kitty you are!" Kobo added. She blinked her eyes twice when the feline raised up to show his chest. "This just... My hair. Ehe." Kobo responded, somehow proud of the hair he was talking about. "I'm not really sure though, I'm just resting by this inn from my journey before you just... Popped out!"
Callisto walked into the pub, smelling the alcohol and food. Immediately, she saw a large blue tomcat and a young girl with, well, large blue hair.

"Uh, hi," she walked over to them, "Nice hair, cornflower. Hey kitty."

She pulled out her wallet, showing her license to the bartender before ordering a Jack Daniels Cola.

"So, what's happening?" Callisto asked.

The girl looked every bit French, although she wasn't dressed in fancy clothes or had a bunch of makeup on. Moreso the structure of her face and the way she stood. When she spoke, she had a Southern-French accent. French, from the years (in total) she spent in France, and Southern from living in Louisiana primarily. Once she had a good relationship with her powers, she started exploring other places. Of Earth, and not. Seems she landed in an at least somewhat magical place, as she'd heard the girl mention the cat teleporting.
STASH (played anonymously) Topic Starter

Now two fine ladies had chosen to chat with him, and Bizzmal was already enjoying the jealous eyes that generated from the men around the bar. Obviously, a talking blue cat was WAY more interesting than some lousy barbarian with a spotty red beard! He sniffed the food on the table that he’d teleported onto, stealing a chicken bone from what was left.

“I’m hearing talk of journeys! Tell ya what, now,” he said, also eyeing the new girl arriving, “how about we take a stroll together? You can show me around in this strange realm, and I’ll tell you all about what the rest of the multiverse has to offer. Or, well, how you can catch yourself a fresh bird or mouse, you look like you’re clueless on how to do that.”
Callisto put her hand on her chest is mock offense, "I am very well educated on how to catch a mouse, thank you."

She laughed, then took a shot of her JDC. She was excited to hear the cat's stories, and the puffy-haired girl's tour of this realm. Callisto had never been here, her uncle sent her here for....other reaons. But everyone needed a vacation, right?
Kobo Kanaeru (played anonymously)

"My my, you talk a lot for such something that usually cannot talk!" Kobo puffed her cheeks at the time the blue cat talking and sniffing the bones. But both of them are blue so people might put the attention to them like how noisy are these linked creature. Kobo took a glimpse at the new lady whom just appeared between them and talking with such a good French dialect. Kobo always like how the French talks, like every words they mutter sounds romantic.

"Oh Hello, Miss. I like your accent." Kobo grinned at the woman. "So, I just found out this blue cat, popped out nowhere, from a big portal or teleport, or whatever they named it. And... He can talk!" Kobo gave a slight conclusion to the woman.

Another blue appearance, blue short-haired man, blue outfit, come across them. "Kobo, brat, what taking you so long?!" The man hissed to his sister. He walked toward the commotion to find his sister as he wait for her already to give her room key after dealing with the receptionist. "I see you've found some companies. Hello there, my name is Regis Altare." Regis offered his hand to give a warm handshake to Callisto. "Hey, this cat looks like us." Regis chuckled.

"No, he is aspa-RAGUS. Ragus go awaaaaaay!!!" Kobo argued to her only own brother. "You brat, stop call me that! I'm Regis. R-E-G-I-S." Regis hissed back to Kobo. "Come on cat, let's leave Kobo alone." Regis patted Bizzmal's head softly and agreed to show him around about the realm.
"Thank you!" Callisto replied to the girl, "I get that a lot, although not politely."

She chuckled, then heard a man's voice. When she saw Cornflower's (as she decided to call the girl from now on) brother, her breath hitched.

Oh my lanta, Callisto thought.

She then shoved the thoughts and feelings down, reminding herself of her deal.

"Hi, I'm Callisto," she shook the man's hand, "You can call me Cal. Or not. Up to you."
Kobo Kanaeru (played anonymously)

(OOC: Did STASH delete their profile? So this RP won't continue? T-T )

Regis pull up Bizzmal over his hug and let him cuddle over his body. "Nice to meet you, Cal. I hope my sister not giving you any headache since she is too noisy. Are you also on your vacation here?" Regis patted the cat's head softly.
(OOC: I have no idea. I suppose we could find a way to keep it going, maybe act as if Bizzmal had teleported back to his realm due to an emergency or something? And STASH/Bizzmal can rejoin when/if they come back?)

Callisto watched the admittedly very handsome man pet the cat.

"Uh, no. Er, yes? No, no headache from your sister. And technically I'm not supposed to be on vacation, but I'm taking a bit of a break. A much-needed one at that."
Kobo Kanaeru (played anonymously)

(OOC: Oh right! Let's just continue till STASH coming back then!)

"I supposed that you should take your time to enjoy then. I hope we aren't really block your day." Regis smiled at Callisto. "Or do you want to go together with us? Just to get some fresh air?" Regis added.

Meanwhile Kobo elbowed Regis's stomach because she was being ignored. "Ahem, don't forget I'm still here, Ragus." Kobo cough. "Anyway, Ragus is right. Do you want to come together with us, Miss?"
Callisto laughed at the siblings' bickering, then cleared her throat.

"Um, sure! I'd love to! If I'm not intruding, that is," she replied.

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