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Has anyone watched this amazingly done 3D Animation story (that seems to still be in-progress) about Evan Afton in '83? I put here the full playlist of all the current episodes right now, in-case you haven't seen it yet!

Warning: Horror Elements, blood, heavily implied death, a jumpscare (Part 8, I think)
Full Playlist

If anyone wants to talk about this animation, or wants to RP it (please), message me here in this forum of smalltalk!
Red Hood (played anonymously)

He lifted his head and stopped pistol-whipping William Afton for a minute "say again?"
Evan Afton (played anonymously)

Evan simply just raised both of his brows.

(( If you wanna RP it, it's probably best to PM me! :) ))
Red Hood (played anonymously)

(That is as close to a fourth wall-break as I will go on this site besides Mathius, who is skeptical of it.)

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