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I just felt like doing that. XD

Ok, to the point...

So, I'm hoping to start a "Chobits" (anime) themed RP. I hope to do it over PM, since it is a romance type of RP. The story (if you haven't ever watched Chobits) is in modern time (Modern RP) and it's where there's pre-loaded software programs ,or in other words, robots called "persocoms". Each persocom is bought for thousands of dollars by a person. Persocoms can do all sorts of Internet things like, check emails, a GPS installed in them and much more other things. There is wires and plugs coming out of their ears, that look much like plastic panda ears (Yeah...I don't know how to explain what they look like..XD) These wires can be plugged into any computer and there a whole bunch of data on them. Chobits,however, are legendary persocoms that are rarely seen. They look like any other persocom, but are made differently.

The character that I am planning on using, (and the character is not made yet because I didn't want to make it if no one was going to RP with me..) is going to be a Chobit. Much like the character Chi, from the anime, the characters memories and data was erased and she has to learn everything again from her Master. The Master doesn't buy the Chobit (making it easy on your character if you want to join!) but he finds her in the...outdoor trash outside someone's house, shut off and then the story can take on from there!

Yes, the Chobit character I'll make will be a girl and I am hoping for the Master/Founder to be a boy...since this is a romance RP. Please leave a reply here if you want to join and if you have any question, please ask. I can do this RP with multiple people at a time through PM, so if you like this but see someone had already replied to join, you can still tell me you are interested and we can make due with that.

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