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So an end to the nightmare I put myself in,truly marvellous. Amongst dark and kight you helped me and now it is time to find Solace,time itself has wrapped around me as the best protectiom so now if you want to say your farewells do now as I never truly wanted to be in this mess.
Hey, take it easy.

Here are some resources:

I was in the Smalltalk chat when some people on here reached out and it's important to me that they don't get stressed out but you are obviously reaching out in some fashion here so I will just suggest that maybe you reach out further and call a crisis line or something to talk to someone actually trained to help -- and also I want to say don't underestimate the power medication can have on feelings like this so I would recommend talking to a doctor if you're having a crisis. That's all I have to say.

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