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Hey there and I made this piece of digital art of a tree nymph I'd love to sell. It's pretty simple, but I'd love a Wand of Epicness for it. It took me a long time to make, which was about ten or twelve hours. You can PM me on here [RPR] or shoot me a DM on Discord. My Discord is Ari#0558!

Have a good day/night!

R U L E S: I will NOT accept any changes done or requested to be done to this piece art. I do NOT do breasts so if you would like breasts, I'm sorry. She can have breasts, it's just that I just don't draw them. uwu

S I D E N O T E: If you wish to draw her/have her drawn, she will come with a color palette when you buy her.

[art and posing all originally done by me]

Please buy her. uwu
Dis is noice art. 10/10 would buy if I had the money~
Thanks Zynnie~ <3

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