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Hot chocolate on a cold day.
Got some hot coffee or cocoa sippin' YCHs up for grabs to keep you warm while the temperatures outside drop! They're $20 each, as many as you want. Depending on other commissions, turnaround is generally 1-3 days. DM me to claim!
• Human/Anthro
• Any Gender
• Any Species
• Customize the sweater, scarf and hat!


Do you wanna build a snowman?
Snag this wintery scene for you and your special someone, or treat yourself to a little fun in the snow; this can be a solo OR couples piece. Feel free to ask about adding stick arms, a scarf, a hat, whatever! I'll even add snow boobs and a icy wang if you ask nicely!

• Any gender, any species
• $25 for a solo piece (will enlarge to fill space)
• $45 for couples piece
• Wings/tails (beyond one) may incur extra small fee
• Ask about adding whatever!

Examples can be found at:
For fastest response, you can reach me on Discord at Rootwork#2565!

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