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It's wonderful how well the journal widget is working especially with times and dates.
There is one thing that the RPR 1.0 journal widget had that RPR 2.0 journal widget doesn't have.... a way to easily return to the Journal entry edit page.

This is the page that displays all the journal entries when you go in to edit:
('Edit Journal Entry List' page)

Currently there are these two options when posting a new journal entry:
('New Journal Entry' page)

Currently there are three options when editing a previous journal entry:
('Edit Journal' page)

Currently when one either posts a new entry or edits a previous entry using the left button, it updates and stays on that entry's edit page. If the 'Post and View' or the 'Edit and View' button is used, it updates and takes you out of edit mode to view the entry on the character page. This requires one to have to re-activate the editing and go back to the 'edit journal list' page to edit a second entry. I remember the old 1.0 journal widget would take you directly back to the 'edit journal list' page (first screenshot above) after posting/editing an entry. Could this feature be added to the 2.0 journal widget? Hopefully I explained this clearly enough.
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One more thing about the 'Edit Journal List' page...
RPR 1.0 had the journal dates shown on the edit page. 2.0 doesnt show the journal dates requiring one to either exit editing and look at the character journal, or open the journal entry edit to see what date it has. This was what brought up my initial problem of not easily able to get back to the 'Edit Journal List' page I detailed in my last post.

(No dates for entries on this Edit Journal Entries' page)

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