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I am currently in the process of setting up an RP based on Secret World Legends. which was originally known as "The Secret World" when it came out around 2012. It is an MMORPG based on the Lovecraft mythos and other world mythology. I am aware that other groups exist here on RPR that use similar themes, I believe however that the game's lore is rich and a good basis for developing RP and further stories to write.

Do you need to have played the the MMORPG to join? No, not at all, but you will need to become familiar and comfortable with it. I will provide links and resources to already existing lore as well as lore specifically developed by myself and my fellow GM/DM(s).

I would be looking for role-players who are interested in problem solving, investigation based RP and group dynamics. This is a universe where the line of good and evil may be blurred into grey. It is not a group for OP characters. Some of my characters have been developed over the past four years. They are in essence immortal demi-gods, but I RP them with limits and restrictions. Their lives and emotions as well the relationships they build with others are more important than the fact that they could burn down a residential district. The point of the Secret World is exactly that, it stays secret from the mundane or non-magical population.

Combat would happen with the use of dice and a simple Stats point mechanism for encounters with powerful monsters/beings in order to prevent godmodding and OP characters.

The group will be 18+ due to themes such as kidnapping, death of NPCs, genetic-manipulation, abuse of power, violence, dark magic, demons, light romance, etc.

I will not accept porn or smut. It is a group RP and out of respect for everyone's comfort level, such things as far as I am concerned, do not belong in public RP, even if the group goes private. I will not have characters who have profiles where smut or porn is mentioned or displayed

I have no problem with the use of Face Credits or art so long as it is realistic. If you use art, please make sure it belongs to you or you have the permission to use it. ArtBreeder is a good tool I have begun to use to give a realistic representation of my characters. I have to admit that since I came here and have seen a number of people using the same face credit it has become a bit jarring for me, LOL.

If you think you would be interested or have questions or comments, please post them below.

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