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I decided to form a collection of past RP posts and create some new ones to demonstrate my roleplaying to anyone interested. Thought it might be easier for some people to know what they're getting into (when it comes to my RP style).

M: Me
O: Other Roleplayers

One-Liner (note: I don't intend to do one-liners in forum rp, and the one-liners I have done have always been in chat rp on discord where, you know, response time is pretty quick and everything lolol)

O: “I sayyyy... We send Kiku off into the water and hope she somehow makes it back and gets us help.” Marigold smiles, then proceeded to laugh obnoxiously.

M: "I would die," she says blandly.


O: “I just believe commanding people to do a simple task that they can surely do on their own is kinda annoying. But I digress.” Marigold shrugs.

M: "I do not care if you think it is annoying. I find your petty complaints to be a nuisance, and would appreciate if you thought before speaking from this point forward, Henna-san."


M: "That's incorrect, Henna-san. I surely have a higher IQ score than you and many others here. And I am certain I have more skills than you possess." She doesn't even say this in an insulting way; she says it as though she were talking the weather: just a boring, plain fact of life.

Semi-Lit to Lit/Literate

M: "Important, hm?" Her lip curls slightly at the irony of that statement. "...Well, I do suppose everyone has their own role to play."

She looks to the side. "I shall be relying on you all to defend me. One of the more unfortunate parts of being a cleric is that you are generally more targeted by enemies. Since, if you were to fall in battle, your allies would no longer have someone to treat their wounds. A sound strategy it may be to those who use it, but it is still not very pleasant to be on the opposing side." She sighs, her smile taking on a slight self-deprecating edge. "I cannot help but envy your strength."


M: Her expression blanks, her thoughts coming to a halt briefly. "Huh," she says dumbly. "Somehow, I never considered that my healing was something... to be envied by others." Really, wasn't it always the other way around for her? Everyone around her had the most wonderful of talents, the most wonderful of lives, and she...

Well, she always had nothing.

She glances at her sleeves, then back up to Robin again, an odd look in her eyes, "You're quite an interesting man, Sherwood."


M: Hope winces at the mention that Slayer never heard of her. "Yes, well," she clears her throat awkwardly. "Even if you did know my real name, you likely wouldn't have heard of me. I used a fake name for my writings. I didn't want the publicity of it. Even now, I'd rather not talk about my work... It's, uhm, embarrassing, I guess."

"But, well... When we get out of here, you can tell me your name, and I'll make sure to remember it. I'll have to listen to all your songs. Are you in a band or do you play solo?


M: "What the ****-" Sophia yelps loudly, her hand reflexively pulling back, which only increases the stinging sensation along her palm. She is never putting her hand in strange, unknown places ever again. Good lord, why did she think this was a good idea again?

Did this bastard think she was food? Haha. If it was eat or be eaten, then she hopes this little shit makes a good meal, because she's not going down without a fight.

The hole's too small to let her other hand go down the hole, so she has to work with freeing her hand... with the hand that is currently trapped. Great.


Well, actually.
If the thing was hungry, then maybe...
She glances at the berries by her side.

Without wasting another second, she throws all that she had just gathered into the hole (how wasteful). "Eat, little guy! Eat anything but me, please!


M: "This sucks."

It was a plain statement to make, but one that was fitting for the current circumstances. She had no idea where she was or how she got here. She was still hungry, and now her hand was stinging painfully, blood dripping down her hand and onto the ground.

"Look at the mess you created," she mumbles annoyedly, glaring at the dark hole, and the creature that lay hidden within it.

Well, her terrible situation wasn't entirely the creature's fault. But seeing as she had no one else to blame, she takes her frustration out on the poor creature instead.


She stares sadly down at her remaining mushrooms. "You know, did anyone ever tell you that you guys are the most stupid looking vegetable to ever exist? Not only that, but why are you yellow. That's, like, the most unappetizing color I've ever laid eyes upon. Who wants to eat a yellow mushroom? "


With nothing better to do, she cradles her injured hand until the pain numbs into a weak sting. She then picks up her remaining mushrooms and takes off south.

"I hope I can find something better to eat...."



"No, don't - don't look at me that way." Is it possible for mushrooms to give her the puppy dog eyes? It certainly seems like it right about now. "Look, no matter how much you give me that expression, I am not eating you unless I absolutely have to. How do I know that you aren't secretly trying to kill me or something?!"

She stops in her tracks.

"I'm talking to mushrooms," she whispers out into the air, a horrified expression etching itself onto her face. "It's finally happened. I've gone insane."

... she really hopes she finds someone else to talk to soon before she reaches the point of no return. A mental image of her farming a vegetable garden, treating each vegetable as their own person, plants itself in her head, and she involuntarily shudders.

Is the first thing that leaves her lips.

No. She refuses. Such a terrible fate won't happen...!

So focused on her own internal thoughts, she isn't really paying much attention to her surroundings. Dumbass. We love her for it, though.


I do have many other examples of RP posts, but I was in a bit of a rush to create this, lol. I can't really find my text wall rp posts, sadly. :c It's hard to find old posts, unfortunately, but I hope this gives some idea...? I've usually been semi-lit, because I've always done chat roleplays, so spending a long time for RP posts was not something that happened often. Even one-liners were usually a response to other one-liners in the chat setting - and worked fine in the groups I were in, although I have no intention to do one-liners in forum RP (since I'll have far more time to respond to posts and would expect more detail in-between exchanges). I can definitely do longer, depending on the roleplayer. I also have a pretty fast typing speed and response time, because of my experience with chat roleplay, so if that's a bonus for some people 👍

And finally, here's something quick & decently long that I'll write just now-

She was doomed. She had an essential violin concert in no less than twenty minutes, and she was nowhere close to the venue. She had no idea how exactly this happened, considering that she had specifically woke up at 5am in order to make sure she had plenty of time to prepare, but alas, there she was - Sitting in the middle of traffic, politely resisting the scream that desperately yearned to be let out.

Kiku Kamiya was never tardy. In her entire life, had she been late? No. Not once in her life. Even her birth was perfectly on-time, not too late or too early. The exact date that was predicted, she had been born. December 22nd, at 2:22pm. And yet, she could not deny that it was impossible for her to make her recital on time. She wasn't going to make it. After all her days of effort and careful preparation-

... The scream bubbled up in her throat again and she swallowed it down.

God, she didn't even want to imagine the press's reaction, either. "Kiku Kamiya skips out on recital, dozens disappointed, money wasted!" Everyone would say, 'She had great potential, but in the end, we shouldn't have expected much. She's still just a child. She just wasn't good enough.' Unconsciously, she found herself gritting her death. Her career as a professional, turned into dust - who would hire her after she failed to perform the most highly bought out recital of her lifetime? They'd label her too 'risky,' after everything she did to make it here, and she-

Her hands gripped tightly onto her wheel, turning white. Don't think about it. Now was not the time to be thinking such things, while still on the road - at this rate, she'd get into a car accident. Breathe, Kiku. Find a way. You always find a way.

But there was no way. There was only rushing to venue and hoping that her professional credibility didn't collapse into pieces over her failure to be on time. Would they accept any excuses? If Kiku were in their place, she wouldn't. She never accepted any excuses. The excuse didn't matter, the why didn't matter, only the results mattered - that was the motto Kiku had always lived by.

uhh and if anyone wants to ask about some of my characters or previous rps or just rp-related stuff in general, go ahead :)

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