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Hi! My name is Xay!

I've been drawing for quite some time and would like to open commissions for those who would like a portrait (95x95) of their characters! You can use these for your profile picture here on Rpr or wherever you are on the internet!

Here are examples of my artwork:

Xay's Art

I haven't done commissions in a long time so I'd like to start slow and only have two slots available to those interested.

Post here, message me privately, or Discord ( Xay#6036 ) and I will try to get back to you asap.

Form of Payment Accepted:

$10 ( $ USD Only)
• Paypal

--- Commission List ---

1. Free
2. Free

• Payment is expected After the artwork is finished.

• I request that characters cannot be overly complicated. (There's only so much detail I can put in a small amount of space..)

• The credit of artwork goes to me. I reserve the right to cancel at any time for any reason.

• I allow up to 3 edits free of charge.

• No Refunds. Period.

See the slots taken but still interested in a commission? Send me a message anyway! I try to finish these rather quickly so I'll get right to your request asap! I will add your name to the here and will update it as commissions are finished and you are next on the list!

--- Wait List ---


Want to donate? It would mean a lot!

Here's my Kofi!

Thanks for your interest! :D

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I'm interested!
Xaydrien Topic Starter

Laptop is working again and will take on more requests for commissions! Feel free to PM here or on Discord! :D

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