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If you've read maximum ride and want to do an rp based on it, then keep reading. If you haven't, get off your computer and go outside. Alright, if your still here good. So you have to start in the school please (I want to keep it fair) and then you can escape or be helped or rescued. You can form a flock with other people and fight itex and the do not have to be part bird. You can be part anything, for example, a snake.I hope you will enjoy my rp. :3


I sat in my dog crate, my wings tucked neatly on my back. Tears streamed down my cheeks from the last experiment. I did not notice as the erasers dragged another kid in and shoved them into a crate. "H-Hello?"

Kinzoku watched the kid being shoved unconscious into a crate, dont do anything rash Kinzo, and eraser laughed. This erasers name was Foxx, a born killer who had captured Kinzoku both times he tried to escape. "You think I'd try that again Foxx? Really?? Do I look stupid???" The Eraser who shoved the child into a crate was a new face for Kinzo but not one he planned on seeing again. "However..." Kinzoku looked at Foxx, "third time's the charm!" He sprinted towards the crates were next to a large window, tackling the crate and the nameless eraser, they crashed through the window and began falling out over the cliff side! You can't save yourself and the child Kinzo, Foxx yelled. As the three of them fell tumbling towards the jagged rocks bellow Kinzo began battling the Eraser in mid air as the two fell, a ripping sound could be heard as Kinzoku's giant scaled wings sprang from his back. Kicking the eraser off himself he grabbed the crate with the small child in it, the eraser his the cliffside and began spinning out of control as Kinzoku's wings began flapping but after all the testing done on him over the last few years his strength was weak, he really couldn't save both himself and the child!

In mid air, falling faster and faster Kinzo began trying to pry the box open but the eraser had gotten his rotation under control and the wolf man pushed off the wall towards Kinzo again, the dragon winged boy redirected his wing strength from straight down to over slightly pulling himself and the crate out of the way and the eraser missed by just an inch. This gust was also just strong enough to pull one of the wooden boards off the crate and the human with dragon wings now had a better grip on the box and tore the frame of it open! Pulling the kid out he began flapping downward again this time he was slowing his decent! With one final push he opened his wings full spread and glided up above the jagged shoreline bellow as the eraser slammed against the stone bellow impaling himself ending his life.

As Kinzoku glided away the only things that were on his mind were, did that girl follow him? And where would he go now?? Above it all Foxx looked at the girl in front of the window, if you jump I'll be forced to hunt you down... You know that right?

I hear a thought in my head, saying, "If you jump I'll be forced to hunt you down... You know that right?" I stare at the boy with bat wings and send thoughts saying, "what makes you say that? Why hunt me?"

I won't if you don't try to escape, Foxx snarled as the boy with dragon wings soared up and away with the child. They were free, waiting for more to possibly escape too. But was Raven so hypnotized by her Stockholm that she couldn't escape even if she wanted too???

(She doesn't have it, but- wait did foxx say that?) I thought kinzoku said that.

(Foxx said that, Kinzoku is escaping)

(Ok sorry) I jump out of the window before foxx can shove me back into the crate and unfurl my big black wings with silver tips. I fly down to the ground after flying for a few minutes.

"Welcome to the Wanted Wings..." Kinzoku later the unconscious boy on the ground. He had escaped twice before bringing a few angels with him both times, and then got himself captured again so he could keep freeing people. "Take the boy and run, I'm going back..." Opening his dragon wing he began walking back towards the school, "enjoy freedom!"

I fly into the night carrying the kid for a few miles. I stop in a tree to rest.

I slowly come to my senses as an eraser drags me down the hallway, back towards my crate. After I am shoved roughly into the crate, the eraser snickers, then exits the room. I fold my wings the rest of the way and scrunch up into a ball, quietly sniffling.

I really need someone to be the boy

Plz someone join

(I could be the boy, but uh, I would prefer it be a girl? If not, I'm cool with that, too.)

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