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Well its come back i now have three characters that would be Jurassic Park worthy. currently i have two Tyrannosaurus and a Tylosaurus. i think i might just make a Herbivorous dinosaur now xD wth why not.

XD Love dinos! Just saw Buster and had to laugh, one of my characters (Neji) was actually partially raised by a Velociraptor, and I have an old Deinychus I could bring back if you're interested in some shenanigans.

Steve must return, right Rubix?

Um yes! He has rocks!


So Warwick knows... Steve is a raptor that both myself, and my husband shared playing over time, depending on who had more availability. His story is surprisingly complex for a raptor, too.

- He is capable of basic human speech, even if it sounds odd from his mouth.
- He is capable of earth shamanism and certain mercurial elements, depending on which era of his life you see him in.

So he isn't a totally normal dino.

What? Steve? YES! XD Dino rp would be a lot of fun :)

Well... lets do it sometime then xD lol

This sounds amazing, but I can't think of a character for it. D: Jurassic park style roleplay would be fun though.

Lol so many dinosaurs and prehistoric animals to choose from

New Dino! after reading about the bath salts incident in Miami and all the zombie apocalypse jokes i have decided to make a Zombie Dinosaur as well.

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Forums > RP Discussion > Dino fever