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Welcome to Kaer-Tian! A criminal safe haven where you can find any kind of undesirable in the galaxy! All the way from the most blood thirsty Crimelord to the smallest petty thief. Here is the only place in the galaxy we are safe. But even criminals feel the winds of change when they strike...Will you be one of the many to adapt to the new rule? Or one of the Cur that hide in the gutter? Fight or flee!? Time to choose my friend! Ha-Ha-Hah!

Rules are simple!
1. use commmon sense. Dont be a jerk and expect everyone to love you.
2. Drama in the RP is HIGHLY encouraged. But OOC its discouraged.
3. We encourage powerful and skilled characters! But if your fighting someone elses characters play fair! Make it a spectacal for others and fun for the contenders.
4. Should you ever want to make a new race or form of technology, or even add to the plot. Bring it up with myself or one of my trusted Advisors. Don't be shy. I encourage original creativity!
5. At least one paragraph replies!
6. If you have to leave for any reasons. All i ask is you let us know.
7. Check back often! As i may add to this.
8. I reserve the right to deny players that i feel are unfit.
9. We have alot of members now. Do NOT flood the RP give everyone a chance to get thier two cents in. Use common sense. If it becomes a problem I will install a turn order.

To join just post your character. if you have questions? Feel free to PM me!

Trusted Advisers:

RP Thread!

Im using this character.

((Hey I was wondering if I could join with this character she's a pirate))

Both accepted! I'll be getting more information and such up soon. Along with the RP thread!

I'll be joining as this character.


RP is up!

May i join?

By all means

Wondering if I could join as good ol' mac haywood. An american man found in a MUCH different location... Let me know!

Seems interesting! Go ahead and join.

May I bring in yasoi and her katana is changed to a techno blade and her eldritch powers come from her experimental exoskeleton?

Sure! Shell definitely catch someone's attention with that kinda gear!

Thank you!

Permission to join? My character is mostly finished- I honestly hope I haven't done a steorotypical archetype to the dot.

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