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Setting: Earth, Origin system(Star chart), Before Orokin fall.

Jayce was busy, working on the suit his older brother used when he was a 'Tenno' operative, before he died from miscalculation from a huge rift jump, his brother stole a kuva vial with void power's, he drank it and gained powers, of course he had 'the talk' with the headmaster about it, Jay couldn't help but smile at that memory.
His suit was almost done, It needed few touches there and there but it was in presentable state.
He walked to the kitchen were he ate the diner, the tomato soup he made earlier but couldn't eat it because of his activity.
Then he saw a white letter on the table, Jayce opened it and the content of it suggested it was invitation letter but he never saw or heard the school name, meaning it's quite secretive school or fresh school which didn't had enough spotlight to be known in public, nonetheless he decided to test it out.

This RP is open so anyone can join.

Anyone who wants rp, just join here.

Do I just ask or do I play along like I got a letter?

Whatever option is plausible for you.

ok then, I'll just play along.

Nick was relaxing on his bed one day napping, he was woken by a knock on the door to see his mail came. He cycled through it and saw a letter from "The Lotus" about an academy and becoming a Tenno, he was curious and got flashbacks of his torture from the Corpus. Determined to get back at the Corpus and Grineer for what they did, he swiftly packed his things, said his goodbyes, and has his final meal from his favorite lunch place and began his journey to the academy.

Also, I suggest making a Discord group

((hmm why?))

hey! i love warframe! i play it all the time, of course ill join, let me just make a fitting character first, ill join right away

*Anne was adjusting a droid she had been working on for a few years. She thinks about the wonders it could do, she was woorking on a droid that could fight and protect those in need.* okay, just a few more changes here....*she connects wires together is her doid, she then sins around in her chair and stops to face her computer, she immediately starts writing code. She then spins back around and start playing a bit with the circuits* ugh, i need cold beer right now *she mumbles as she stands up and starts walking to the kitchen. She opens the door, grabs her drink, and heads back. When she gets to her desk, she sees a little white paper on the desk next to her droid* What the hell? *she looks around, she then grabs the paper and opens it. She reads it quickly* It' invite to a school? *she reads the coordinates at the bottom* well, i guess i should go... *she packs some clothes, her phone, laptop, tools, her droid, and a gun, just in case, she then sets out to the spot*

We can make multiple servers so that one chat doesn't get flooded with messages (like OOC or mission tab)

srry for the late response, was sleeping

((nah I was also sleeping, actually there's IC forum where we couldpost anything related to game lore))

I already created a group:
let me know if it expires

((yea, anyone who want's to get more info, can join the group))

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