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It's the 101st Kaiser's Day and the whole Empire is filled with joy. After the peaceful passing of their previous emperor, the compassionate Kaiser Veritus, the already thriving and prosperous realm were totally confident about his successor and awaited the day of his crowning eagerly. Yet this so-called heir, a distant cousin to Veritus, was anything but the honest man his predecessor was. He was a monster.
Close to midnight, when the Eastern Colony would ignite their fireworks to announce the beginning of a new era and reign, it started. Behind the backs of most human attendants, their non-human colleagues, partners and friends were snatched one by one, and were never to be seen again. It took days, maybe even weeks for humans and non-humans alike to realize what kind of harrowing Kaiser had been appointed, and it took exactly one year for all non-humans and immortals to vanish from the Empire. But the Kaiser made a mistake banning the other species, and thanks to this folly, his reign of terror will soon come to an end.

So this is the basic idea for our RP, I know, it's a little cliche around the edges, but hey, gotta start somewhere! All the non-humans among us are being hunted by or hiding from the Imperials, whereas all the humans will either ignore the genocide or help their exotic friends out. There's also a rebellion on the rise, but we will or will not get to that later.
Ideas (yes, even if it means fully scrapping this plot) are more than welcome!


Of course, this is just a concept, and if you guys don't want to stick to it, we can run off into other adventures that have very little to do with the original plan. And if anyone else got an entirely different idea, just tell me!

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Forums > RP Discussion > The Crimson Kaiser's Folly - OOC