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The darkwolf empire has risen to power and has begun to fight their rivals, Outer rim worlds are burnt and millions are killed, the Galactic core is one of the safest areas from the conflict. You play as a darkwolf unit who will infiltrate the Enemy of the darkwolf empire to incite rebellion on their worlds and defeat them from within...

It was rare for an old dog like him to be up and about again. For over five years, Thyros had enjoyed his retirement, a steady, honest job and life in general. As long as he tried to ignore the roaring crowds in the dusty corners of the streets, walled off by the armored backs of Federation Peacekeepers, and the diesel fumes that clouded the skies at every time of the day, life in Sringrad was as good as it got.
But little did he know, when standing on the balcony of his apartment, cradling his youngest son to sleep in his muscled arms, that his days as a dog of war were far from over now that he'd settled down here. According to the United Legion, he was a valuable asset, too valuable to lose, and despite their earlier agreements, it was only a matter of five whole years until they summoned him at the Regional Post. That was a week ago. Seven days earlier, the honorable warrior were to look his old CO in the eyes again and echo the oath that he had sworn plenty of times in his younger years. The oath that sealed a pact; his tailless backside belonged to the Legion now.

The mission was clear: Theta 03 was to team up with a Darkwolven Unit at Rincar's Square on the Second Rainday when the clock hit 19. A mouthful, sure, but Thyros was used to some. Just another assignment, and just another day. A little more violent than most days, but he would manage.
Wearing nothing but a simple armor and resting an unfamiliar, cheap rifle in his gloved hands, the burly canine marched the forlorn streets he used to roam, quietly watching the rain wash the fallen ash en dirt from the tiles, sending a grayish stream down to the storm drains next to the sidewalks. Five days per week, the natural showers rinsed the city, as Sringrad was built in the wettest region on Valgrach, named Klarvel. Klarvel was a populated farmer's paradise once, but with the industrial revolution came the newcomers, and within years, the region was covered by sky-high buildings and factories, as well as the rest of the planet.

And.. there it was. The clock hit one when Thyros set foot on Rincar's Square, cocking his head to get a better look at the abandoned plaza. So, where was this furball hiding? Most of Valgrach's inhabitants were disgusted by the militaristic Darkwolf Empire, but the massive Khyonos preferred to keep an open mind on them and their impact on the galactic welfare. True, they were getting more and more powerful with the day and many of the outer rim had already been conquered by their men, but Valgrach's gifted diplomats would find a way to avoid being captured as well.

Ember had been in Darkwolf service for quite a while, having worked his way up to special operations quite quickly. He still remembered his last phone call with his parents... Ember had no brothers or sisters, he was an only child. "So I think I've got a wolf with a crush on me..." Ember said over the phone "Oh?" replied his parents "Yeah... But I think he's a Male" Ember chuckled, He didn't hear any laughter from the other end of the phone; evidently his parents did not appreciate his little joke, so he tried to explain it to them. They did not seem to appreciate this either, and he gave up. He did not feel bad, though. The older he grew, the less guilt he spared for his parents, and their poorly veiled hope for grandchildren. The older he grew, the more certan he felt that their blood was cursed to dry up with him.

This... was 5 years ago...
Ember didn't know their fates, they may have been Forced into Darkwolf Synths, Or turned into Neural-Slaves... Or killed... Perhaps they're still alive...

Ember would growl ever so lightly. The atmosphere was quite dark, something that the darkwolf was used to. Ember would turn to one of his soldiers "Is The asset here yet?" Ember questioned looking around, he suddenly saw Thyros and walked toward him. "Ember Kamura,..." Ember was decked out in Special Forces gear, he was holding High-Power Plasma rifle, Ember strangely looked like he was in his Mid-25s, Maybe due to genetic modifications "Keep an eye out..." Ember said to one of his soldiers "I don't feel safe talking out here... I've rented an apartment... We'll talk there..." Ember said,

Walking up the steps he growled ever so lightly, the lack of a Mate was driving him crazy... A foolish thought that he dismissed quickly "I should really just get Sterilized and save myself the Guilt..." Ember thought to himself, and he may have been right or wrong.. He didn't know for sure. Ember unlocked the door to the apartment, walking in and using a Bug detector to check for any Eavesdroppers

Thyros was often amazed by how deserted Rincar's Square often was; it was, after all, the plaza from which the Governor of Klarvel spoke to the people. Funnily enough, on the rare days that sleazy dogbreath dared to show his face, the square was even more lonesome than it was now. So much for loving the regime, he guessed.
As he set foot on the smoothed cobblestone tiles, he noticed a small group of Darkwolves staying put in a corner, lingering around there like a pile of rubble clang to a flooded storm drain. One of them, the largest and highest in rank, walked up to him when he got close enough and introduced himself. There was something about him that Thyros had trouble describing, and never bothered to anyway. The Khyonos briefly cocked his head and tightened his grip on his rifle.
"Theta 03, United Legion Frumentarii," the brawny canine introduced himself. "And sure, whatever floats your boat kid." For military elite - or was he an ex-elite already? -, he wasn't very fond of the formal language most officers spoke. Instead of dismissing his former squad members, he used to 'tell them to scurry off', and instead of bringing in a report, he told his COs about 'the shit that happened'.
But he was no fool. Thyros was an analyst and had always dreamed of a career in the Radrog Department; solving murder cases or catching spice-dealers in the act. Unfortunately for him, conscription happened, and instead of spending his years at the Radrog Academy, he send Chrystalheim locals to their deaths.

The department Ember had hired was plain and ordinary, and the perfect hide-out for an infiltrator like him. Checking all the corners for potential eavesdroppers, Thyros simply walked over to the first sofa or chair he came across, and made himself comfortable on it, resting his rifle on his lap and tracing every move the guy made.
"So, spit it out. What's your business here, Wolf?" he asked, the tone in his voice being cold and dead-pan at the same time. "And what's with the rookies? Valgrach ain't that dangerous." He chuckled. A big bad spec-ops like him didn't need chumps to watch his back, now did he?

Ember would finish checking the corners before sitting it down, slightly suspicious of him "High Command told me... And I know better than to argue with them" Ember replied "So... Tell me your orders so I know it's you..." Ember said as he told the soldiers to guard outside "I really don't need these fools... But I got no choice..." Ember said, The wolf had been in the Special Operations for a while, he had several scars along his body, obviously inflicted very painfully. "You were told to find me... Were you not?"

((Sorry it was a little short, I don't have much to work on))

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