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Forums > RP Discussion > do i need a plot every time?

Honestly i always feel that i need to have a plot ready to be able to be able to post in Looking for RP forum. Do i? or can i just say Hey! i want to rp! or something like that?

Nope! Not necessarily, as long as you're clear about your preferences and standards, you'll meet the right people in no-time, and those people are okay with any type of plot most of the time and are happy to brainstorm with you about one. Personally, I often feel kinda trapped when people bring forth an immensely detailed plot with their future partner's character's role all laid out for 'em, but I do understand some people prefer those. But really, it's totally up to you how you fill in your LF thread, may it be with or without a plot! c:

Good luck on your search, by the way!

thanks ;u; this cleared up a lot for me. Im not too good at making up plots on the fly so brainstorming with someone would really help me

You could always hit me up! I'm always happy to babble loosely about whatever kind of adventures/conflicts/you-name-ems you're looking for~

oh gosh thank you! i will!

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Forums > RP Discussion > do i need a plot every time?