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You awaken in a cell,light outside. Walls of cells spread out around this prison. You have been put in one of the toughest galatic penitentiary's out there. You noticed in a bunk bed above you a young man with green hair and lazily hanging on his neck goggles akin to those worn by pilots of planes from the past with coloured orange parts. He snarls a bit and awakens and jumps out of the bunk bed. Noticing lasers protecting the cell along with a sliding bulletproof glass door,tommy watched the abyss of space in despair stretching out below and began to formulate an escape plan.

It is now or never.

Our escape plan is in the works!

((Anyone up for this?))

I think I could be interested

Are you looking for 1x1 and PM or forum? Also is gender or species important?

((Forum is important and so is a charater sheet.))

My characters use magic but I think this be good if she broke him out and joined her gang.

((Yep,Magic is cool too despite it being sci-fi. Tommy mostly has time related powers and uses technology a lot to his advantage.))

( I was going to use my oc as her child self so kids are awsome at technology. )

((That is good too.))

( anything else before we start?”

((Nope,your standard sci-fi prison escape affair with tons of tech,weapons and cool gadgets so yeah.))

( so guesswe start?)

((Yeah I guess we follow on from my starter.))

Tommy out of boredom started to devise one of his usual plans to get out observing overly complicated schematics on the floor working on it with marker pen and over tools by his side ibserving it with complicated gadgets and tech.

Suddenly a couple officers come in his cell and take him to a locked room where a young lady waited for him. “ hello. I’m so glad you where able to come to meet me.” She smiled. She gave him a letter “ I would read it. It from some friends.” She winked at him.

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Forums > Sci-Fi Roleplay Forum > Breakout