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So I’m back and I’m the mood to RP again!

I only have a few ideas so I tried to make them interesting with a good conflict. I’m also open to hearing whatever input or ideas you may have!

Superhero- Modern, Action, Fantasy/Supernatural
You are a teenage superhero/villian that protects/terrorizes your city. However, a larger opportunity reveals itself. The chance to take over/protect the world. This comes with a good and bad side, the bad, you can’t do it alone, the good, you find a worthy ally. My character, a classmate of yours. The only problem is convincing her to work with you.

Amnesia- Romance, Modern/Post-modern
Your character and mine have been dating for a while now, but on her way to your house to celebrate your anniversary, she gets into a car accident. This leads her to having Retrograde amnesia, disabling her to recalling past memories which include your relationship as a whole. However, another problem arises. Her ex who attempts to use this opportunity to fill her head with the idea they were in fact together the whole time. Now you have to try to get her to recall her past memories while fighting him off.

Zombie Apocalypse-Action, Modern, Supernatural
A zombie apocalypse is the last thing anyone could have thought to happen. However, when it does, the last place you want to be is at school which is exactly where you happen to be.

Double Death- Supernatural, Drama, Mystery, Modern
One mysterious night on your way home, you die. Then you wake up right back at the place you were leaving from and on a loop, you die and wake up, die and wake up. It freaks you out. Everything is the same- the same dialogue which now becomes predictable, the same night which too becomes predictable, the same questions. When you manage to survive until the next day, you find- right before you die once again- a girl who is also going through the same dilemma as yourself. Now you have to find her again and figure out why.

Alien- Sci-fi, Action
Your an alien hunter who gets a pretty bounty for each new and rare species you bring in. One day while out, you find a girl who is from a thought-to-be extinct species who’s history is ultimately unknown to outsiders. However, the galactic government also finds out about her existence and it’s up to you to figure out what to do with her- turn her in or protect her from whatever the government wants. The only question is, why do they want her so bad?

Worshipped Diety-Supernatural, Historical
In a remote Villages, they often worshipped Fox spirits who they claimed would protect them and if ever crossed, would eat the hearts and spirits of humans, manipulating its way across the earth. One day, you encounter one of these spirits in the form of a young beautiful but horrible injured woman. Your a strong samurai/ninja, so you help it out of kindness. However, now it keeps following you around and you wonder what it wants.
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With these plots I’m open to romance, but I don’t want it to overtake the plot as a whole.
If you would also like to include romance, please let me know as the OC I’m using is a MxF only character

I don’t have any “rules” other than the fact I would like to be told if you can’t/don’t wish to continue and I would prefer paragraphs over one liners, even if they are short paragraphs.

PM me if you’re interested!

Details: Freeform, adjustable length posts, long-term RP partner preferred. Looking for 4 other players.

I would like to do a superhero rp

I'm up for the superhero/villain or Zombie Apocolypse. Just PM me which ever rp you would prefer more ^-^

AnarchistKing wrote:
I would like to do a superhero rp

PM me so we can talk more!

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