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It seemed like the end of luck.
For whatever reason, that was the lowest and most abject moment of your life, and that place, shabby and overflowing with ignorant buzzards from surrounding farms, seemed quite adequate.

The shouts intone to the alcohol and the flickering voices of vulgarity were just another sound that echoed in the head, while it seemed, instead, that all around the peasants were enjoying themselves, but then what was it that you missed?
It was as if something deep was missing.
And now, you just wanted to fill that lack.

<< bad day, I presume . >> without even realizing it, a man had sat down next to you, his clothes torn and worn by time, faded and covered with a sort of white checkered cape. The untamed and wild hair, and the pointed ears, much more than an elf, almost looked like horns curved towards the inside of the head. His voice was calm and reassuring, and between his fingers he held a golden coin with which he played strange games, and his eyes ... for some reason, you could not concentrate on his eyes. <<I see it from your eyes, dear. Never in your life have you touched such a low fund, but hey, who am I to say so? In any case, do not worry, there are those who are worse than you and believe me, I know something of bad luck and loss. So, with whom I have the honor to speak - Ah, but where did I leave my good manners?>>

Quickly, the man extends his hand, as if to tighten yours, smiling and giggling.

<< The name's Jove, Jove DeSilk. Former court jester for the greatest monarchs, emperors and tyrants ... and moral help for the most disadvantaged. But enough speaking about me now, tell me a little... of who are you ?>>

Ok fellas, I'm searching for someone more to play along.
PM me for more infos or simply wanting to join.


Details: Freeform, adjustable length posts, long-term RP partner preferred. Looking for 1 other player.

I lov3 to join. My oc royalty. So can I?)

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Forums > Looking for RP > A gifted man brings gifted galore