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About Kladdatir
We are a semi-realistic, literate, paragraph-style wolf pack roleplay dedicated to the spirit of family. We are based on Internet Relay Chat (IRC) channels rather than a forum, which allows us the benefits of real-time roleplay in a chatroom with no need to refresh. The pack is home to players from different countries and so caters for several different timezones. We are fast-paced, fun, and flexible.

Kladdatir is not just a game for many of us - it is a second family. We create real lasting bonds here, both in and out of character, and many of our members have been roleplaying together for years. We pride ourselves on maintaining a warm and welcoming atmosphere for newcomers of all abilities, and strive to help one another flourish in writing and character development.

How We Play
The group is managed and led by the Alpha pair, with a council of high ranking wolves (Beta, Gamma, Elder) chosen to assist in matters of pack business. They are responsible for ensuring that the sites and social media are up to date, that the rules are being followed within the channels, and most importantly that there is plenty of activity to be had to keep roleplay fresh and exciting! In the spirit of family, every voice is important and so the pack as a whole is often asked to vote on any major changes before they occur; but the council will ultimately guide the day-to-day running of things.

We use a bot (programmed non-player character) named Leif to help enhance our roleplay and provide a uniquely interactive experience. This will keep track of your overall health and personal inventory (stash), let you heal from sickness and injury in real time, and allow you to take part in a variety of activities alongside your packmates. At Kladdatir you will be able to:

• eat and drink to maintain your HP level
• practice sparring with other wolves in the pack
• hunt a wide range of prey animals to fill the cache and hone your skill rating
• track down and chase away other predators in defensive engagements
• sustain light or heavy injury from both prey and predator alike (hunts/engagements)
• suffer illness from tainted meat and water
• clean the cache to stop your family from getting sick

We always try to provide an entertaining balance of guided and freeform roleplay that gives players the upper hand, while still acknowledging those twists of fate that nobody can control.

Our Mission
To create a friendly and engaging roleplay environment that allows everyone to connect with their inner wolf, setting the stage for a spiritual journey for both player and character to grow together.

How To Find Us
Java - Click Here
mIRC - Click Here

We look forward to seeing you!


Moderators: Cass, Copper_Dragon, SeraphicStar, Ben, Darth_Angelus

Forums > Looking for RP > Kladdatir [Semi Realistic Wolf RP] (closed)