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Dust was walking down to a watering hole with his group mates following. He said, "are you still blaming me? There was a few crates in the way and I thought I got the name of the monster right. I'll look for another going to the new land when we can safely get on or there is a new ship going there."

A black cat said, "we didn't say anything." The male was looking around trying to watch the scenery for threats.

The two females looked at each other before the red furred one said, "he's feeling guilty for taking us to the wrong place...what'd the two-legs call it?"

Dust said, "it's called a country, Devi. We're in a place the humans; two-legs, call Africa. I don't know what the locals call it. Plus, I can sense you guys blaming me. I may be able to read or understand two-leg language but, it's hard to read when there was too many things distracting me like, someone spouting some nonsense about not being able to bring the fresh kill with us. We could eat scraps and mice that live on boats. Herbs I get but, there isn't dirt on a ship." He was looking at Devi or Devineflame and Luna or Lunafur. The last cat with them, Shielke was listening and finally said, "can we stop arguing? We're only feline and the stars know we all make mistakes."

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Forums > General Roleplay Forum > A cat in the pride lands