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  • Iðavöllr

    IC group with 3 members The Germanic Heavens
  • Night Raven College

    IC group with 7 members
  • Blacktemple

    IC group with 2 members The bamboo wind chime by the door rings as you open the door to the Blacktemple Opium Den. You are also greeted with the strong scent of a pungent-smelling smoke...
  • Sun-View Academy is Strange

    IC group with 2 members What is it like spending hours of your day in a supposedly cursed academy? You'll find out as you choose to be a student, or part of the faculty team. Uncover horrifying mysteries about the school.
  • The Ixlon

    IC group with 1 members
  • Early Aughts and Beyond

    IC group with 8 members It's the 2000s, and you're a group of main character friends in a fictional city located in a fictional world. // 5 of out 6 Character Slots left // Invite-only, PM the Founder
  • chill

    IC group with 1 members
  • rp modern

    IC group with 1 members this is a group here there is no mgic or swords or stuff like that
  • Pandora

    IC group with 1 members Welcome to the planet of Pandora.
  • Gods Spirits Beast and Men

    OOC group with 13 members A Modern-Fantasy Webcomic
  • W.I.P

    IC group with 2 members Basically an alternate universe where lightfall isnt happening yet lol
  • The Furcadian Marketplace

    OOC group with 190 members A place to buy, swap and sell anything related to the MMO furcada
  • The Easel

    OOC group with 14 members An OOC group for artists to come together to share artwork. We also have helpful resources for new and seasoned artists, and feature columns with commonly asked questions and related art topics.
  • Anime Fanclub

    IC group with 1 members ♡Anime Fanclub♡ is about a fanclub for anime weebs!
  • The World Colliding Mess

    IC group with 8 members "Where are all these people coming from? This is getting out of hand!" -Korby Pureheart
  • Limbo Flats

    IC group with 1 members Guts and blood, that’s all you need to become a cowboy.
  • loonas world

    IC group with 2 members
  • Welcome to Tirmana

    IC group with 36 members A Collaborative Medieval Fantasy RP
  • The Moonlit Manor

    IC group with 1 members We drink to our friends, and laugh to our enemies.
  • Makingdore Academy

    IC group with 1 members An academy for people with powerful gifts.
  • Evenspire

    IC group with 3 members A city where anything can happen
  • The Underworld

    IC group with 22 members The Land of the Afterlife, home of the Goddess of Death
  • Villareal De Meath's Academy

    IC group with 21 members Villareal De Meath's Superheroic Academy for the Powerfully Gifted Beings | Founded by Villareal himself, co-founded by Gracefield Aaron. | Reserved for the Powerfully Gifted only.
  • Leon Party

    IC group with 24 members having a good time
  • Rico's Writing Group

    OOC group with 1 members
  • The Umbrella Academy

    IC group with 1 members Same Weird Family. New Weird Problems.
  • Tea Drinkers Anon

    OOC group with 8 members A group for the appreciation of tea. Herbal and coffee drinkers are also allowed.
  • Weeb Trash

    IC group with 9 members A group for anime and anime-adjacent characters to meet and write. Whether it be explosive battles, slice of life stories, or just some cute ecchi, this is the place to write... utter weeb garbage.
  • The Fast And The Furious

    IC group with 26 members Fast Cars, High-Octane Action and Mesmerizing Nightlife.
  • Destiny

    IC group with 1 members Group dedicated to finding Guardians from Bungie's Destiny series (1 and/or 2) for Rp or socialization.