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How to Epic Week (2020)

Posted by Kim on April 24, 2020, 6:09pm

How does all this adventuring work? Let's explore! These quick-tips should have you starting to play in no time. :)

What's the object of the game?

This year, we have two batteries and the ancient gate/time machine to work with.

We need to repair the gate using space scrap, and we need to charge the batteries by completing quests.

Of course, we can only turn in quests or complete repairs when our path isn't being blocked by dinosaurs! We'll need to fight to clear a path.

How do I fight?

The most important thing to know about monsters is that they are too tough to be solo'd -- you need to coordinate with other adventurers to take them down before the end of a 5 minute round, when they'll heal back to full again. Some of the larger monsters require up to a dozen people working together at the same time!

Here's an explainer on combat from 2016 -- the combat basics are still the same!

Different kinds of monsters are stronger or weaker to different types of weapons. Experiment to see what they resist.... Or, check out some of the explainer topics that have been posted by other members in the Epic Week 2020 forum.

We even have a Discord server to coordinate in this year:

How do I get weapons and other items?

While the Epic Week game is going on, there's a few ways to obtain supplies:
  • As your browse the main site, you have a chance to find a weapon that someone playing the Doubutt game put into circulation, or picking up a party hat (Party hats heal you in this universe!) The more you participate in Epic Week, the higher your chances of finding items by exploring! For weapons, having taken some damage in combat significantly increases your chances of starting to find weapons, so jump in and mix it up for a few rounds even if you aren't properly armed yet. ;)
  • You can go to the group set up by members specifically for the purpose of sharing Epic Week items, sign up, and take some items from the treasury: The Epic Armory
  • You can visit the underside of Forohfor castle every half hour for a random chance at obtaining some items. Here is the link to Forohfor during 2020's epic week:
  • You can also occasionally find weapons and other items by exploring. You're allowed to do this every half hour. Here is the link to explore during Epic Week 2020:

How do I quest?

Check the batteries for their lists of quests -- they are wildly different! One requires you to play a multiplayer game with another member and take a screenshot. One requires you to hit 10 different dinosaurs on-site. Another asks you to write up your tips on character design. There's a little something for everyone!

Be sure to check the sidebar!

There's a sidebar full of super useful links on the Epic Week pages -- or, if you're on mobile, it's down below the rest of the page.



April 24, 2020

Awesome sauce! This is really handy. There's also a Doubutt Tips, Tricks, Glitches, etc. Page over here.

I'm really liking this event so far. It's shaking up to be really good!! :D <3 Happy Birthday, Server! Now you can go out and be a Pokemon trainer, and learn the ways of life! Your own journey awai- wait. Oh. Never mind, they're not Pokemon they're dinosaurs. <3 <3 <3 <3