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Last chance for enchanted wardrobes!

Today is the LAST DAY to grab a limited edition enchanted wardrobe before it goes away again for another year!

These wardrobes contain 4 pieces of clothing, each one magical in its own right.

The most common item that they give is enchanted cloaks of +1 character slots, sometimes in special collector's colors not available in any other way. For just $12.99, you or a friend can get 4 permanent extra character slots... or other prizes of greater value. Get yours now!

This year, there are two more collector's colors: Purple and green! Normal enchanted cloaks are blue - the only way to get the rare collectors' colors is via these enchanted wardrobes.

And remember, a roll of wrapping paper will let you wrap 5 objects, adding the fun of tearing open a present to your already amazing gift. :)

Community Feedback

  • MitsuHarp

    December 31st 2018


    I think that it's a bit over priced, but I'd be willing to buy one when I have the money.

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