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Rails & Revolvers

Rails & Revolvers is an 18+ Discord Wild West roleplaying game set in the early 1870s. It follows the construction of a fictional railroad across southern Kansas, with a planned route through Oklahoma, across the northern-most part of Texas and into New Mexico. With it comes a flurry of activity! Railroad workers, gamblers, saloon-keepers, desperadoes, soiled doves, and more, all moving westward in improvised towns made up of tents, shanties, turf hovels, and, for the few bigwigs, fancy railroad cars.

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Current Status: Running the Rails & Revolvers group takes nearly all my creative energy! Right now, I'm not in the market for anything new.

In real life, I'm a software engineer. Other hobbies include animals (I have chickens, 4 cats, & a dog, plus grew up with horses), gardening, archery, and dog agility.

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Rave Reviews

I'm currently only 1 RP deep with Juls but that is all it has taken for me to fall in love with her writing and character! It's always nice to find a new friend who shares the same ideas for plot! Juls comes highly recommended!!!! Wonderful writer Drives the plot forward - Elvenlily97
Giving out Kudos around this time of the year always makes be a bit nervous but after the sweet kudos Juls gave me I really wanted to return the favor <3. I take /forever/ to respond, but Juls has been nothing but patient and I appreciate that to the moon and back! Juls is a long-form writer who sometimes uses images to enhance her posts and its a really sweet thing that I've seen a few people use cheaply, but that's never the case with Juls! I could go on & on but I've hit the character limit! Kind and understanding Wonderful writer - Folklore

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