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Current Status: Busy! Still working every day despite the covid-19 pandemic. Plus it's garden season. I'm running several days behind on replies!

My Agility Pup: Popper
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I enjoy RPs with lots of action and adventure, where the characters soon find themselves in trouble! PCs that win all the time are so boring! I'm a sucker for medieval fantasy games and westerns, but if the story is enticing, can be convinced to try some other genres.

I use dice! Not all the time, but when deciding how an NPC reacts or the outcome of combat, I think it makes the story all the more unpredictable and exciting, sometimes throwing it in a whole new direction! This doesn't mean we need to be using any established ruleset. Just set some odds and go with it!


Ghosting: I used to get a little bent out of shape about it... but I really don't now. If you're not feeling an RP, no pressure, no worries! It's supposed to be fun, not a chore. :)

In real life, I'm a software engineer. Other hobbies include animals (I have chickens, 3 cats, & a dog, plus grew up with horses), gardening, and archery.

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Rave Reviews

Dorothy Parsons (played by Juls)
When I saw Dorothy, I knew I wanted to get an RP going with her. I knew she'd fit perfectly into the Western I'd been dying to write out for a while now. We've barely scratched the surface, and I'm already hooked! Dorothy is an awesome character, with such a realness to her that always has me scrambling to read her next reply. I can already tell she's a complex character with a lot of layers, and I can't wait to get all the details as our RP progresses. Juls has done a fantastic job with her! - Atrevida
I haven’t played with Juls myself, but I have seen their characters and heard such good things about RP with them. They are a great presence around the site and it is obvious to see they put so much care into each one of their characters. Great sense of humor Creative ideas - Kruhee

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