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Current Status: Coordinating a move two states away. Getting ready to sell one house while trying to shop for a new one. Which is super exciting, but also is stretching me thin. Apologies if I've kept you waiting for a reply! Things might be sketchy for a couple months as I take a leap into life's next chapter!

I enjoy RPs with lots of action and adventure, where the characters soon find themselves in trouble! I'm a sucker for the wild west (it's become my favorite!) I also enjoy medieval fantasy games. And I think I wouldn't mind getting into some other eras in history. Maybe the American colonial era? Maybe WWI?

RPing with me:
  • I like dice! Not all the time, but when deciding how an NPC reacts or the outcome of combat, I think it makes the story all the more unpredictable and exciting, sometimes throwing it in a whole new direction! This doesn't mean we need to be using any established ruleset. Just set some odds and go with it.
  • While I tend to get a couple replies out per week, I don't like feeling rushed and make no promises on reply timeframes. And I certainly don't expect replies from my partners on any set schedule. Get to it when you get to it. No rush. <3
  • Ghosting: I used to get a little bent out of shape about it... but I really don't now. If you're not feeling an RP, no pressure, no worries! It's supposed to be fun, not a chore. Though if it's a group RP, a heads up would still be appreciated.

In real life, I'm a software engineer. Other hobbies include animals (I have chickens, 3 cats, & a dog, plus grew up with horses), gardening, and dog agility.

My Agility Pup: Popper

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Games that I'm playing:
Completed Games:
Inactive/Old Games:

Rave Reviews

So ive only just started roleplaying with juls and i'm already waiting in anticipation for her next response! Her reply's are so full of detail its very fun to rp with her! ^_^ - Goldenflash_andy
I haven't Roleplayed with Juls, but I met them on the Epic Week 2020 discord and they've been nothing but kind and helpful! They constantly assist in attacking bosses and helping others by being a pro at the doubutt game! I also perused their characters and loved all of them! Kind and understanding Helpful - Caitlin

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