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I knows it’s a bit late to this party but in backing up my PM RPs I have to copy each page and paste to Word. Having a feature like the Character Profile Print/export function for PMs would be awesome to have!

If this has been mentioned before I have totally missed it.
I really wouldn't mind this, but I wonder what the technical limitations are? I worry that much like doing this for pages of forum threads, the possible pages after pages of content in PM threads could be overwhelmingly much. (If it doesn't crash on server's end, it could cause a crash on the user's end.)

I'm not sure though, but I have some vague memory of this being brought up before and there being reasons not to do it.... But don't know where or when I heard it! So I'm very curious about this one.
Yeah I was thinking the same thing. A character page is roughly the same size across the characters. A PM can be anywhere from one to hundreds of pages which I think would make it unfeasable.

I just burned my fingers out with Ctrl A/Ctrl C/Ctrl V many pages on many PM Rps and thought I'd throw it out there. I try and archive them as I go, but I never seem to keep up with it. I have lost a few good RP stories in various site updates the last couple decades that I like to take precautions.
I wonder if there would be a way to create a plain text output that you can run for... like, 5 or 10 pages at a time? And then you can just copy and paste the plain text into a file, and you'd only have to do it a few times for really long threads, and only once for most.

Something like:

Backup thread
Start at page: 1
End at page: 8

[ Create plain text backup ]

(With the limit automatically applied maybe?)