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Help » Accolades

What is an accolade?

Accolades are awarded to members who have done something to better the site for everyone. The most common way of earning one is by submitting a bug report that leads to a fix or improvement, but there are other ways of earning them.

Most accolades look like trophies or ribbons, but some special accolades are available for above-and-beyond service or during certain site events.

Big Gold Trophy Blue Trophy Red Ribbon Gold Star Red Rupee Blue Rupee White Rupee gold-feather.png red-feather.png blue-feather.png

Accolades highlight great community members and demonstrate our sincere appreciation for your contributions. The two minutes you spend filling out a bug report could prevent hundreds of others from having the same problem.

For a complete list of all possible accolades, and tips on how to earn them, see this list.