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If you have any problems with your order whatsoever, please notify us immediately so that we can take care of it for you.


There will be no refunds for purchased items unless the item was defective or the purchase was made fraudulently.

If you do not receive a purchased item, you must notify us so that we can attempt to resolve the issue and get your purchased item or upgrade to you as quickly as possible.

No guarantees are made as to the uptime of the site and no refunds will be given based on temporary server downtime. However, if the site is generally inaccessible for more than three hours, all those with expiring upgrades to their account will receive an appropriate extension of their upgrades to compensate for the inconvenience.


If a purchase was fraudulently made with your card, please notify us immediately so that we can reverse the purchase.

If at all possible, please speak to us and allow us to do the reversal rather than simply having your credit card company do a charge back. These can damage our ability to do business.

Your information

For your protection, we do not store or save your credit card or billing information after a transaction is complete.

How do I get in touch with you?

The best, fastest way for our members to get in touch is to use the contact form. No other method will get your message seen or read faster. Currently, this form is only for our members.

The next best way to get in touch with us is via email,

You may also call at (503) 893-5315

And if you really, really want to, you can send us some snail mail.

The RP Repository
818 SW 3rd Ave #221-1927
Portland, OR 97204-2405