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Help » The "Adults Only" Looking For RP Forum

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What is the "Adults Only" Looking For RP Forum?

It's a bit of a misnomer! The Looking for RP forum and the Looking for RP Adults Only forum are really the same forum, just with different filters being applied to it. It's even possible to view content from both at once, and in fact, most adults do as the default! However, people still sometimes talk about them as if they were different forums, because once upon a time, they were, and this terminology has stuck in the RPR culture.

You do not need to opt-in to see the Adults Only content on the forum. On your 18th birthday, it immediately becomes available to you - suddenly you will see more available RPs, from people who are only comfortable playing with other adults for any reason.

However, if you wish to view posts to the Adults Only section that are advertising for RPs that will contain adult sexual content, then that is something you will need to specifically opt-in to. Otherwise, topics that advertise for sexual content will remain hidden.

How do I control whether I'm looking at the All Ages or Adults Only posts on the Looking For RP Forum?

if you're over 18, you'll see something like this at the top of the Looking For RP forum, that will let you filter as you please:


Just tap on "All Ages" or "Adults Only" to change what you're viewing. The default is "Both"

How do I get access to sexual content on the Adults Only Looking For RP forum?

Navigate to Your account menu (it appears as your username) » Account Settings » Comfort and Privacy Settings.

Put a check in the box next to "I want to see forum posts flagged for sexual themes." This option only appears if you are 18 or older.

Save your changes.

Alternately, an adult who posts a topic that they flag for sexual content will have their "Allow me to see posts with sexual content" setting auto-enabled. This helps in a bunch of ways: 1) You'll be able to see your own freshly posted topic! 2) Even if you haven't fully explored the settings, you'll still have a very direct way of discovering what section such posts are meant to be in and how to get access to it, just by doing what you were going to do. 3) This should cut down on the number of sexual topics that are misposted in the all-ages section, and simultaneously increase the pool of people who have their settings set the way they actually want them to be.

I have opted in to see posts flagged for sexual content. Can I filter them?

If you have opted in to seeing posts flagged for sexual content, you'll get an additional way to filter the forum:/p> lfrpfilters2.png

Choosing to "allow" posts with sexual content will allow you to see both topics that are flagged for it, and those that aren't. "Require" will show you will show you only topics flagged with sexual content, while "disallow" will let you see the forum without any topics flagged for sexual content. You can see at a glance which topics have been flagged for sexual content, because they'll have this kissy face icon on them:

Are the rating guidelines different for the "Looking For RP - Adults Only" forum?

You should continue to think of the "Looking For RP - Adults Only" forum as being rated PG13-ish. Yes, you can mention "yaoi" or "erotica" or even the less flowery term "sex" in properly marked topics. But if you want to get in-depth and graphic about what you're looking for... sorry, but too bad!

The "Looking For RP - Adults Only" forum is being provided to help adults who feel safer not RPing with minors, for ANY reason, have that much more confidence that they are addressing other adults. This is especially important since many members choose to hide their age/birthday on their profile. But we are not seeking to create an X-rated red light district on a semi-public forum.

Since it's an "Adults Only" forum, is it exclusively for "adult" RP concepts?

No. You can post any kind of RP concept that you want there, if you prefer to RP only with adults for any reason.

Can people RP on the Looking For RP forums?

No. Both Looking For RP forums are OOC boards. They exist to help you find players for the RP concept that you want to play. After you've collected your players for the concept, it's up to you where you want to play it. Public IC forums? PMs? Group? Messengers? Email?

How do you know that a member is 18+?

We can't guarantee that everyone in the 18+ forum is the age that they say they are. We can only guarantee that that's what they told us.

If we catch someone lying about their age to gain access to the Adults Only forum, severe consequences will follow for their account.