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Help » Epic Groups FAQ

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This is the FAQ for group epicness

If you're looking for information about epic members, try the Epic member FAQ instead.

What are the benefits of giving a group epic status?

For the duration of a group's Epic status, it will get all these awesome perks as a "thank you" for supporting the site:

  • More profile customization options
  • Create fully custom group looks with CSS!
  • NO ADS on the group profile
  • Creation of pages and forums that only moderators, GMs and editors can see
  • Customize the sidebars on forums, members, event and announcement pages
  • Group colors can be used in the chat
  • Upload 30 extra gallery images

How do I give a group epic status?

If you are the owner of the group, you will need to use an item in the group's treasury that grants epic status.

If you are just a member of the group, you cannot directly give a group epic status, but you can donate items to its treasury that can.

You can purchase items that give groups epicness from our store, receive them as gifts from other members, or sometimes even win them in contest!

How do I tell how much time my group has left before its epic status expires?

Go to Your Stuff » Your Groups and then click the pencil next to the name of the group whose status you want to check.

You will be taken to the group editing overview page. The expiration date of the group's epic status is in the information box at the bottom of this page.