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Starting a new topic

Navigate to the forum in which you'd like to start a topic. For example, the smalltalk forum.

Click the button "Add Topic" at the top or bottom of the page.

How do I roll dice when making a forum post?

To roll some dice on the forums, look below the text area when writing your post. You'll see a link labeled "Add a dice roll." It's just below the text area, but just above the "Post" button. Click that link!

A panel will slide open beneath your post, enabling you to select the type of die, and how many you need to roll.

You can click "Add a dice roll" up to ten times to add multiple dice rolls to your post.

When you publish your post, the dice will be rolled.

To prevent cheating, you can only add a dice roll on a new post. Not while editing an old one! No going back and adding one or changing your roll later!

Live chat

You can turn any forum topic on the RPR into a live chat! Just navigate to the topic, and click the "Launch chat" button at the top or bottom of it. This works on both the public forums and on any group forum.

How do I delete a forum post or forum topic?

To protect the integrity of our forums, only moderators can delete a forum post or topic. Click the "Request a Mod" link on your post that you wish to delete, and type out an explanation of why you want the post deleted. Accidental double posts are the most common reason for removal.

If the post or forum topic is in a group, you may need to speak with a moderator/founder of that group instead.

Although we're usually able to help, keep in mind that barring rudeness or rule breaking, our policy leans toward information preservation, so we're unlikely to take down a post that has a lot of excellent replies or discussion.

Why is this power moderator only? We've had some problems with over-zealous deletions. For a mild example, someone would ask a question on the help forum, get the perfect answer, then want to delete the entire topic to get rid of "clutter" -- meaning anyone else who had the same question could not later benefit from the wonderful answer already provided, and that whoever took the time to answer would be trapped in a loop of answering the same questions again and again. For a more extreme example, one person deciding they are done with a RP removes the topic, removing the entire record for everyone else who participated.

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