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Hey! comment or DM me if you are interested in any of these Roleplays!

- Muse A worked at a daycare every day after school. Muse B brought their sister/brother to the daycare every day. Muse A was familiar with Muse B since they came every day. Muse B started to develop a crush on Muse A. One day Muse B finally got the confidence to ask out Muse A.

-A Plague casts out through the city where Muse A and Muse B live. The government contains them by turning their city into an island. It starts out well before one little mistake causes the entire city to become chaotic...

-One day all the heroes disappear and they leave the villains in the city. This causes Muse A and Muse B to step up and change their ways. But little does Muse A know, Muse B is plotting to kill Muse A. But later on, has a change of heart.

-Way back in WW2, Muse A, A British/American soldier has been ordered to take out Muse B, A leading Nazi Commander. The plan goes wrong and Muse A gets Captured by Muse B.
Flynn Auburn (played anonymously)

Im down for the WW2 one lol

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