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"아파도 괜찮아 사랑하기 때문에"

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Oh Rebecca, what an amazing human being she is. It's weird but lovely how much alike we are, and she is like my twin. But how do i recommend such an creative person others? Easily. She is one hard working person, and you can easily see how it pays off, she is easy to talk with and she knows how to put an smile on your face. If i was you i would message her 'cause i definally feel lucky to know her and roleplay with her on occassions. Keep up with your amazing talent girl! ❤️ - Heartbeat_
Look at her layout, just look at it. Should we have a moment of silence, I'm not religious, but I feel like we should pray to some sort of god. I know that it can be scary taking up the courage to write her a lil' message, but just do it. Behind all of this perfection is a wierdo. She is a nice wierdo tho, and she is just a great person. She is incredibly talented, and so worth of your time. You might be not be worth her time, (yes, she is that good) but cross your fingers! - Emily903

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