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Hi there! Im melody thank you for visiting my page!! You will notice that all my characters tend to seem op but I ensure you there quite hopeless and enjoy others around them to over power them (respectfully of course). This is a characteristic I have always used in my characters and I can play out quite well, that being said don't think my characters won't have there protective moments they have amazing powers and they will be used for sure just not on another player's character.

~ ABOUT ME! <3 ~

As I mentioned im Mel, Im a soft edgey girl just looking for fun and attentions lol. Im very cuddley and this may come off in my characters. Ive been role playing off and on since I was 10 (since google plus was still active, yeah that long XD) despite all this "experience" I'm a HORRID speller XD I do try my best but I can seem quite illiterate at times so if this bothers you then im sorry in advance. To make up for this tho I do have some great story telling and plot creating abilities, at least i like to think so. I hate 1 line replys so I try to refrain from that tho some times lets face it there may not be mutch to respond to but i do try to add as mutch detail as I'm willing and wanting to. oh also I understand that in my normal speach and texting I use abreviasions and emoticons this will NOT be the case once in the role play (trust me that annoys the crap out of me too).

Rave Reviews

I want to take a moment to say how cool baby-boy_max is. His skill in roleplay is amazing, and I can't get over how rich and detailed his posts can get. I would strongly suggest this guy for any kind of wholesome roleplay, and even romance as well. I also can't get over how every post leaves me wanting to know what happens next, keeping me interested. Kudos to baby-boy_max! Wonderful writer Drives the plot forward - ELS1526
Max is a great role player,right now we are doing a wonderland rp and the details he puts into is replies are a amazing and I love the possible romance for Max and Cheshire. Its so cute and I highly suggest that you guys rp with this guy,he is so fun to rp with. - JetStorm

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