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an old soul

My RP Info:
-Very active, I can post daily/every other day...if I'll be absent for a while I always try to let my partner know.
-I can write anywhere from 500-2500+ words, depending on muse and my partner's responses.
-I looooove to worldbuild and bounce ideas around! My first love and true love is high and/or medieval fantasy, I adore it and would gladly create worlds and characters for hours heheh ... Though I don't typically like to take the lead in an RP, I'm more than willing to co-lead (each contributing equally) or be more of a follower and help to brainstorm/bounce ideas (if my partner prefers to lead/has an idea in mind).
-Female characters are what I prefer to play (ugh, I know, typical) as I'm simply not very good at males as main characters. I used to play males more often as mains and nope, just wasn't working out. I am absolutely fine playing males as side characters however--and as far as side characters go, I can play as many as needed! I'd simply prefer to have one main character. :3
-I'm 18+ and alright with romance, though I'm really only comfortable with MxF relationships. I'm fine with things getting steamy at the appropriate times, but when it comes to any actual smut/sex, I would prefer to fade to black. However I do loooove a good romance x3

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