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1. belonging to or characteristic of a much earlier period; ancient
2. out of date; antiquated
[from French archaïque, from Greek arkhaïkos, from arkhaios 'ancient', from arkhÄ“ 'beginning', from arkhein 'to begin']

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"You," he said. "Are a terribly real thing in a terribly false world, and that, I believe, is why you are in so much pain." 

Howdy Howdy! Welcome to my humble profile ^^

What I Offer:
» I'm 18+, so I'm alright with mature themes to an extent...more detail in PMs :>

» I write a lot! I consider myself an advanced lit. writer, my posts can be
anywhere from 200 words/2 paragraphs to 2500+ words/20+ paragraphs.
I guess you could call that novella style? I do tend to crank out short novels
sometimes aheheh

» I try my diddly-darn hardest to respond every other day or at least within the
week, though like everyone else sometimes life catches up to me and I'm unable to
respond for a little while, sometimes weeks at a time. I hate when this happens, but it
does happen. I'll usually message my writing partner OOC to let them know why
there's a hold up or assure them I'm going to respond as soon as I can!

» I looooove to worldbuild and bounce ideas around! An in-depth world and plot is
amazing, as are well thought-out and interesting characters. I'm always happy to
throw ideas around and brainstorm!

» I typically play female characters as my main characters. I know, I know--it's
stereotypical and I'm being weak and dumb because I'm not challenging myself. Lol
In all honestly, I have written males as my mains multiple times in the past, and
I simply don't enjoy it as much. Maybe because I'm female myself and identify more
with a female main, I don't know.

» On that note, I can totally play as many NPCs as needed, male or female! The more the
merrier, haha

» I'll fangirl over your characters with you <3

What I Ask:
» That you be 18+! Sometimes I appreciate themes that extend into this category and I'd feel more comfortable writing/discussing them with people around my own age :>

» Whatever my own word count, I don't demand my partner match my length!
If my partner also likes writing short novels lol, awesome! ^^ If not, no worries.
I'll usually fix my own length to match my partner's. So long as I'm given more than
a single, short paragraph that does nothing to move anything forward--I'm fine haha!

» On that note, I really appreciate the effort to be literate and use proper grammar from my writing partners. I totally understand if English isn't your first language or even if grammar is just hard for you personally (I feel you lol, I've been speaking and writing this language my whole life and I still don't get it a lot of the time), but, like I said, I really appreciate it when my partner at least tries and puts in effort to be understandable or use proper grammar.

» As far as response times go, I've always held that real life comes first. It happens to you, it happens to me, it happens to everybody. I'd love if my partner could give me a heads up should they know beforehand that they're going to be unavailable for a while, especially if we've informally agreed on daily or every-other-day posts, and I'll try to do the same for them... But at the same time, I get it if life comes out of nowhere and you can't respond for a while. I'll probably message you once or twice after a couple of weeks/a month just to make sure you're okay (because I like y'all, alright <3) but I won't ever pester you for a response.

» This sorta ties into the previous thing, but I'd appreciate it if my partner didn't spam me with messages to remind me it's my turn or ask me when I'm going to post again. If I've been MIA for a while or it's been a week or so, sure, give me a gentle reminder (because I might have forgotten or thought I responded)...but please, I'd rather not leave for an hour and come back to 20 PMs about how long it's taking me to respond. 3:

» I do love worldbuilding and plotting, but only when I'm doing it with someone who's actively helping the process. Just saying "yeah, sounds good" to every idea I pitch doesn't count as participating, either :/ Share your own ideas, come up with some plot twists, throw in some new characters! Even just helpful, constructive thoughts or criticism for ideas I might throw out is appreciated, way more than just "okay" :>

» Please don't yell at me for the way I play my characters or any limits/preferences I have :'3 I always try to be as clear and understandable as possible and discuss all that sort of stuff with potential partners beforehand, but if there's a misunderstanding or the like let's be nice and polite about it, please. It should really go without saying, but I thought I'd slip it in here because it's happened before :'3 I promise to respect you and your characters/style/preferences, I humbly request you respect me/mine as well :'3 <3

Guess who loves dragons?
That's right, me



"Dragons have wild hearts that need the open sky."
-Ava Richardson


"When I was younger / I had a dragon / We would fly away to places you can't imagine..."
- Built By Titan


"If the Sky could dream, it would dream of dragons."
- Unknown


"It simply isn't an adventure worth telling if there aren't any dragons."
-JRR Tolkien




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Thank you for stopping by! Here, have one of my favorite paintings:
The Horse Fair by Rosa Bonheur

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Archaic is both a wonderful writer, and a wonderful person. Her characters are full of life and personality with self driving motivations who are always developing and driving the plot forward. I would definitely recommend RPing with her if you're interested in beautifully written interactions, world building, and charming characters you can really understand and empathize with. Kind and understanding Wonderful writer - Gear
Archaic is super friendly, super sweet, and just super all around. Already from what little I've seen from her writing her characters have such a genial and earnest feel to them, and I think that says a lot about her skill. As for Archaic herself, she is a lot of fun to talk to and is one of the most welcoming users I've had the pleasure to meet! :D Kind and understanding Helpful - FishyFrisk

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