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Hello! Name's Farida, but you can call me Friska if you prefer!

I mostly illustrate for fun (sometimes professionally), both traditionally and digitally, and I also animate. I made this account mainly so I can have an easy go-to reference type thing for my characters, but I might make a few attempts at roleplaying!

Okay, stuff you guys should know on the off-chance I do end up roleplaying here!

♦ I come from and live in Egypt, so timezones are evil. The timezone in question is GMT+2. I am usually available all day on Fridays and Saturdays, and on Sundays–Thursdays after 7:00 pm GMT+2 (unless I’m sneaking on at work).

2020 Update: might be on a bit more considering I’m working at home half the week.

♦ Another thing you should look out for, as far as mature content goes, I don’t do do sexual stuff. Characters can discuss mature topics (as long as you and the characters are of age, I cannot stress this enough) but no sexy times with my characters is what I’m saying. Sorry.

♦ I will generally stay away from romance unless I’m comfortable with the person I'm roleplaying with and it makes sense for the character (who has to be of age!).

♦ I rarely give out personal information beyond my first name, age, and country so please don't take it personally if I refuse to give you an e-mail address or anything of the like. You're still awesome. <3

♦ I have a few anon characters here, but as far as public there's only one so far. I do have a whole cast of characters to cameo with too that aren’t quite developed enough for their own profiles, anon or not.

♦ inb4 anyone asks, no, the name is not an Undertale reference. XD We have snacks in Egypt called friskas that are sold on beaches (two disc shaped, paper thin wafers with honey between them), as well as a chocolate wafer bar called Freska. Super good game though!

♦ I DO take art and animation commissions, but only on my Fiverr. Please PM me for the link!

Elsewise, here is my tumblr. You can find me most places under that username, but RpRepository is the only place I’ve used FishyFrisk (minus an old account I deleted). Please be cautious about who you contact!

I hope you like my characters, and have a nice day!

P.S. Mom made the weird worm thing in my icon. He’s a crochet bookworm bookmark. I call him Froobsky. c’:[/justify]

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I haven't had the pleasure of roleplaying with her in quite some time - but I have done so in the past (in addition to judging her entries in an old comic tournament), and I'm proud to say that Friska's writing, pacing and timing is as expressive and full of goodhearted humor as her excellent and distinctive drawings! - Rigby

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