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Hello! Name's Farida, but you can call me Friska if you prefer! Also go by Frisky, Frisk, Fris, Fishy, and whatever nickname you can think of. To be honest, I am more of an illustrator than a writer, and I also animate (frame-by-frame and cutout); writing is more of a fun hobby for me, but I love stories, character interactions, and "what ifs"!

As of 2020 I am on here a lot more, and even started roleplaying! I also have a few anon characters, and once I am brave enough, I will either move some from anon and/or add more non-anon ones. Also I like hearing about people's characters and stories, so if you need someone to ramble about your characters to, hello, I am here! We don't have to rp either! ^_^

Important stuff you should know!

<3 I come from and live in Egypt, so timezones are evil (GMT+2). I am usually available all day on Fridays and Saturdays, and on Sundays to Thursdays after 7:00 pm GMT+2 (unless I’m sneaking on at work). Also please note that despite being fluent English is not my first language and I have a bad habit of dropping entire words, mixing tenses, and mixing up US and UK spelling. Please do not be afraid to ask what I meant or correct me! Constructive criticism is also much appreciated!

Covid Update: Against my expectations and despite working from home most of the week, things have been incredibly hectic and I am under a considerable amount of work pressure. So my responses might be fairly slow. I will give you a heads up though!

<3 inb4 anyone asks, no, the name is not an Undertale reference. XD We have snacks in Egypt called friskas that are sold on beaches (two disc shaped, paper thin wafers with honey between them), as well as a chocolate wafer bar called Freska. Super good game though!

<3 On to more serious stuff: as far as mature content goes, I don’t do NSFW scenes, not even a fade to black. Characters can discuss mature topics as long as you are over 21 and the characters are over 18, but no sexy times with my characters is what I’m saying. Sorry.

<3 As far as gore goes, I can do a little for drama's sake, but unless I'm joining a specifically horror group, I don't like very graphic gore. No graphic descriptions of innards and such please.

<3 I am okay with swearing, but please do not use slurs.

<3 I will generally stay away from romance unless I’m comfortable with the person I'm roleplaying with and they are over 18, preferably over 21, and/or it makes sense for the character (who also has to be over 18). It’s not a hard no though!

<3 My present tense writing is more action-based, focusing on body language, and my past tense is more train of thought based. I almost always write in third person in either case. Whether these are bonuses or blehs are up to you. Generally, I prefer present tense (especially in chat/live rps) but I can adapt either way! As far as length goes, if I'm starting, I will usually start between 2-5 short paragraphs (or three long ones), but in the second reply and upwards I tend to mimic the person I'm roleplaying with. I much prefer freeform over tabletop rpg, but I have played DnD 5e before.

<3 While I am doing my best to come out of my shell and make new friends, it’s still very difficult for me to join groups, especially if they are off-site. Please give me some time to adjust!

<3 I have a few anon characters here, but as far as public there's only one so far. I do have a whole cast of characters to cameo with too that aren’t quite developed enough for their own profiles, anon or not.

<3 I DO take art and animation commissions, but only on my Fiverr. Please PM me for the link!

About genres and tone!

High-Fantasy: I love fantasy definitely, but less Lord of the Rings and more Narnia/Neverending Story, basically. Also especially love when people who are not meant to be in a world end up there, whether willingly or not. The more Lord of the Rings style would be for DnD characters.

Urban/modern fantasy:
Whether magic and legendary creatures are commonplace or most people don’t believe in them, either goes!

Modern with zero weirdness: I prefer to have at least a little weirdness happening, whether in the form of magic or cryptids or haunted places, or if no magic then maybe something like DC comics where you have costumed heroes and villains roaming about. It's not a character thing though: playing a regular human in a weird situation can be a lot of fun, whether they decide to learn a specific skill to deal with the situation, or learn to adapt with their own skills! Not a complete no either though, if there’s a fun adventure or mystery to be had, sure!

Horror: Don’t usually play this on its own, I like this in tandem with other genres (so a lighthearted fantasy, except there’s the occasional dark secret somewhere, or maybe a detective mystery with paranormal elements). Do not particularly like gore, but I love uncanny valley.

Sci-fi: Honestly I have not tried this before as I am not very scientifically inclined, but I think a magi-tech society would be super interesting. Like. High fantasy, except also people have laser guns. Pew pew-

Romance: Ehhhh. Okay listen, I would be lying if I said I did not enjoy fluffy stories. But for me I feel awkward with the concept of going into an rp specifically for romance. If I think our characters could develop a relationship though, that might be fun to explore, but romance is flavouring for me, not a main dish. Once again, everyone has to be of age, players included. Also, no NSFW scenes pls. IC discussions and speculations are fine (as long as both you are over 18 or preferably 21, and the characters over 18).

General favourites: Character interactions where characters from two wildly different genres/settings get to talk to each other, headcanons, what ifs, teamwork, found family, and unlikely friendships. Also just friendships in general (ranging from voice of reason to the "LET'S COMMIT A CRIME" variety)

Niche favourites: stories that are aware they are stories and actively take advantage of it. So, characters weaponising common tropes and archetypes, or people breaking out of or deconstructing them (think Discworld or The Phantom Tollbooth). Also meta plots! Characters discovering they are in fact, fictional, and so on.

As far as I can tell, I like light-hearted rps with a good dose of angst/drama when it calls for it (as long as there is a happy ending or some type of closure in sight), and maybe a little bit of uncanny valley horror. I don't take things too seriously (that doesn't mean I don't take things seriously at all, if the situation is serious, my characters will act appropriately. Just keep in mind that my characters tend to be either dorks or make dumb questionable decisions).

Just want to talk? Here are some icebreakers!

General: Animation (both methodology and shows/movies), drawing, musical instruments, mythology, fairytales, weirdly specific cultural differences (I have mentioned this to almost every online person I've talked to but the "Animal Crackers in my soup" thing is still hilarious to me), literature, musicals, cryptids, most things Jim Henson, very fun villains, videogames (I love point and click and rhythm games, and I dabble in rpgmaker abd advebture game studio!)

Literary icebreakers because I'm an English Lit. graduate with specific vendettas/obsessions: Phantom of the Opera, literary movements, poetry (occasionally), drama, classical literature (Greco-roman mythology, basically), weird fairytales, self-aware stories (think The Phantom Tollbooth, Discworld, The Neverending Story, and The Last Unicorn), Roald Dahl, Terry Pratchett, Neil Gaiman, Edgar Allan Poe, children's literature, tropes (whether because you love a certain trope or you hate it :'D).

Finally, here is my art tumblr: . You can find me most places under Friskishdrawings (such as Instagram and twitch), but RpRepository is the only place I‘ve used FishyFrisk (minus an old ask . fm account I deleted). Please be cautious about who you contact!

Have a nice day!

P.S. Mom made the weird worm thing in my icon. It’s a crochet bookworm bookmark. I call him Froobsky!

Rave Reviews

Friska is an amazing writer, with dream-like ideas that somehow reach into that intangible realm of fairy tales without seeming contrived. She's a delight to write with, and is very understanding with partners who may need a little more time to post during crazy real life stuff. Creative ideas Wonderful writer - Jabberwookie
For me, FishyFrisk just came out of the blue into my RP life - it was during one of the anonymous masquerade events. She entered with a light-hearted, gently comedic and yet utterly real feeling character concept. I had soooo much fun interacting with it, and when the masks came off, I was like, who is this user??? I have to play with them more! Since then I've learned that she's also kind, understanding and creative in RL as well! Creative ideas Wonderful writer - Kim

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