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Hi, I'm Charles, I'm 33 and Located within the Eastern United States.

If we role play please be over 18, and be consistent! Nothing frustrates me more than a flaky RPer.

18+ IC and OOC
Semi Para-Para RP
Plot Driven RP
IC Actions have ONLY IC Consequences

I RP on Furcadia in TGT-The Golden Tether & W6-Ward Six

My Forever Look when people annoy me.

Please also realize now instead of later
What I DO IC is not how I reflect about you OOC.


These People below are some of the reasons I even continue to RP

Kiddog & Daddog

Doors Close and Others Open

The Bromance is Real

Don't Be Jealous!

The is the one Friend I know has my back no matter what And is an excellent person to chat with, RP with and just be silly with

Rave Reviews

The bromance is real. For at least four months, we have confided in each other what we wouldn't dare with others. And I know it's secure with you, just like you know it's secure with me. The writing is amazing! The roleplays are intense deep and thoughtful. I appreciate you man...and truthfully Charles? I can't wait for our RP ventures :). I'll be your wingman, and I know you'll be mine. - Michonne
We aren't Brothers from another mother. Hell, we just started what I hope to be our crazy whirlwind friendship of mystery and intrigue in the land of RP, but we float in the same circles. Some of my closest and greatest speak highly of you, which certainly assures me the best is yet to come. Really though, the thought, the detail, the willingness to throw yourself into something.. I admire it. I dig who you are and I eagerly await to see the trouble we get into! - Mouslykat

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