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Creator of Celestials and Daegni.

Starting Digital Artist as well~

Art To Get

Allurean and Ail next commission opening - commission someday
Dianna and Ailuin - commission someday

Art I'm Waiting on

Karn and Ail FB (Karno, Paid For)
Adam and Mariane couple port (Azkai, Paid For)
Zeale Ref Sheet (Bunny, Paid For. Begun work.)
Vadoma w waterfall and attacking (Spoods, Paid For)
Scene of Ail and Birdy (Moonlithare, Paid For, Incompleted and 0 communication lately.)

Art I Promised

NA (Working on Anatomy)
Kaerio Kissing Ailuin on the cheek (Birthday Gift)
Salem Vexx Ref Sheet (Started, incomplete)
Ref Sheet of Lemur Twins
Ref Sheet of Kijani

I just starting out so PLEASE do not ask for commissions <3.

"They say I don't know when to quit. Like that's a weakness."


Hi. I'm a 31 year old married woman, and yes. I do spend time roleplaying. I also spend time doing other taking care of my husband, working for us to be able to pay for bills and save up money as well...he claims.

I'm the savings account.


So it currently means I don't spend that much money on art anymore....and if I do get it, well lets face it, it's not gonna be a huge art piece at this rate of the savings he has me doing.

However, I always do appreciate loyalty and honesty with me when we plot romances and such as well as family plots loyalty. So you might occasionally during holidays see me surprise a few of my friends.

Seeing as I do appreciate loyalty, guess what? No I'm not like most people, who want you to do one thing but not do it themselves.

"Remember the Aphae Waterfall?"

That means I'm loyal to my heartfire. It means that your OOC desires to be with me will swiftly earn you a ban or a block on my end. I will not tolerate OOC to IC confusion ever

"This is how I deal with unwanted attention."


Let me make it clear as well. I am actually, a lot like you despite being a Christian. I have mental scars, mental wounds. That haven't "healed" fully but I do use it for the better good as best as I can.

Let me reiterate...

as best as I can. That means do not expect crap out of me. Let me paint you a picture. If I don't expect anything out of you but to enjoy the roleplay with me...

Why would you expect more out of me?

I'm not gonna give you full detail or names. But yeah, I've had my problem people. And if you interact with them, I'll make it clear to you that I will never be roleplaying with those people ever again. Let me try to explain though, that it was never because I gave up on them. Ask my friends, they would tell you I haven't. I waited....for one particular person...for six months before moving on.

I have been bullied in both aspects
Lost All Feeling of Emotion
berated by family and outcasted

It's expected I guess, when you're born with a cocktail of mental issues. ADD + Autism + Anxiety doesn't really add up to a wonderful perfect little me. But if me, Autistic me, can grasp and understand that you aren't going to be a great person 100%. Then why are you expecting it out of me?


Despite that frontal warning, I'm a very friendly person. I actually love to listen to peoples issues. I've also been told I'm very good at it. So if you need someone to just...listen? My door is always open.

Let me just state as well?

I have been RPing for 21 years now. 21 long years of dropped long term plots. Cheating romance partners and ones that disappear off the grid that causes me to shut down the character.

I have decided no more. If you are wanting to long term plot with me, you can wait for short term plot rps and see where it goes first. I am very tired of spending money, time and showing loyalty to people who don't return it at all. So. The new rule? Short term Plot to Long Term Plot

I'm not a elitist. I do not have that much pride in my writing. In fact, if anything I'm almost envious of a few writers who are also..well. Happen to be my dear writing pals.


I'm not gonna lie, if you do end up hurting my feelings? Making me cry? It's very likely that I will eventually, if the trend does not stop and it continues consistently, drop you like a hot potato and explain that you're too toxic for me. My husband has become very concerned over the people who have hurt me in the past, and supports (aka encourages me) to no longer associate with those kind of people.


So simply, don't be that person, right?

For all of you who are either offended...or believe rumors about me.


"Promise me nothing will come between us like that, mieli."


"There is no one better then my Rakan."

Below you is my RP Crew. These people have proven to be good roleplayers and good plot keepers. They haven't caused drama in my life and have been nothing but supportive and good advocaters for roleplay in general. I highly reccommend trying to roleplay with them at some point.

Pretty Bird|

"A Vastayan feather is a kingly gift."

Rave Reviews

I don't think people give Michonne enough credit. She is a wonderful writer that everyone should give a fair chance to. I have written with her on a number of different characters and found myself pleasantly surprised with every interaction. She is also incredibly flexible as a person and will work with you as a partner to drive the RP in a direction that is fun for all involved. I hope more people reach out to RP with her, she deserves it! Creative ideas Long posts - Caitlin
You never know what Monteasie is gonna throw at you, but it is always interesting and fun. She's not afraid to have her characters evolve, and because of that, you really gotta keep on your toes. I'll gladly raise the glass to you, if not OOC then definetly IC. - Ypres

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