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Hey! Listen!

I've been RPing an assortment of genres for the past seventeen years, although I never stray too far from fantasy. Right now, I mostly play cute monster girls in an urban fantasy setting which I own and manage through RPR.

I'm an adult and prefer to play with other adults. Please don't be offended! It's not that I don't think you're mature, I just prefer to interact with my own age group.

My seeking threads get posted in the NV group and can be found there, but I'm not averse to random messages regarding potential plots. Never know what might come of it!

I'm also an artist and template maker, and all relevant links are below.


devART || tumblr || patreon || the template jam

|| Teal in Triplicate Studio ||

🡾New Versailles🡿

Rave Reviews

  • Aub is a truly fantastic individual, whom I consider myself quite blessed to have known for so long. It was she who initially inspired me to begin freelancing as an artist. Her caring has been a gift over the years, and her personal drive even in difficult times is...
    -- Hooke
  • Aub is amazing. Hands down. She has been a steadfast friend over the years. Even when I disappeared here and there she always welcomed me back with a warm embrace. Her characters are lovely. Her art is absolutely amazing. And her rp leaves you craving more. Thank you for being an outstanding friend. <3
    -- Essie

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