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  • Site Moderator
  • Gender: Female
  • Age: 31
  • Birthday: December 08



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Just a green bean out here doing my best.


Hey there! I'm your friendly, local moderator, here to help the community however I'm able.

I've been roleplaying for about nineteen years (I'm super old), in media ranging from sketchbooks to instant messengers to RPR. I tend to prefer modern fantasy because I really enjoy the juxtaposition of the supernatural in a more urban setting. In fact, I have an 18+ group setting dedicated to just that. Peep the New Versailles link below to learn more about that world. Formerly primarily based on Furcadia, I now RP within the setting in PMs and on Discord. :)

For personal preference and the safety of all involved, I will only RP with other adults. Thank you for understanding!

I'm a freelance illustrator with a background in indie game development, and I've done a lot of concept art and isometric assets for the game Furcadia. Recently, however, I've been more invested in personal projects and other games. I take personal commissions for character and concept art (including reference sheets), and my work can be seen in the links below. Sometimes, I also make templates for sale and for free through my group The Template Jam. I love hosting contests to try and put more templates out into the community, and I welcome the participation of anyone interested.


My OOC sona is a green faerie by the name of Alluvial.
A profile for her is forthcoming.


devART || instagram || patreon || the template jam

🡾New Versailles🡿

Rave Reviews

  • Five reasons why Auberon is #modgoals:
    1) She's a force to be reckoned with artistically.
    2) She strives to better our community and contributes at every opportunity.
    3) She's courageously open in how she communicates.
    4) She's a peacekeeper and her mediation skills...
    -- emroidz
  • Aub stands tall among the smartest, strongest, and most artistic people I know and I have full confidence in her ability to bring her innumerable talents to the RPR #modsquad! That said, I’m not sure how I feel about sharing. ;D Joking aside, my biggest regret is...
    -- Lune

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