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Status Update


11/12/22- Not starting any new rps unless I approach you first. I am hoping- hoping - to actually get back to my old rps before the end of the year. We'll see how it goes. For now I find myself lacking in motivation and just generally unhappy with where I am in life and where I am going and how I am getting there. Please be kind and understanding going forward.


Who Is Dndmama?

The Name Says It All Really

I'm a working mother of a ridiculous six year old and his precocious three year old sister which limits my ability to game in person, so I'm here to get my fix! I'm experienced in 3.5 DnD, Pathfinder and Gurps. A little bit of 5e now too. I did tons of free form rp in World of Warcraft and just with online friends after I quite the game. I've been on the site for a few years not and I genuinely love it. I'm all about character and storytelling (which is good because dice/rngs hate me for unknown reasons).

If you are interested, below are links to a few of my favorite short stories, just as a sample of my writing. These are pretty old, but it may at least give you an idea of my level of creativity.

The White Room - Semi-autobiographical in nature

Glory - NSFW Fantasy

Closure in Thief's Clothing - Something that started as an experiment in dialogue, Fantasy

Other Places to Find Me

Where On The Net is Dndmama!

I have a few other sites I can be found on. And here they are!

Discord is the easiest way to reach me most days. DnDmama#0729
I also have a Deviant Art page but that's mostly so I can lurk on actual artists. Dis me.
Toyhouse is where I store all my character art, even for characters not on RPR. Dey here.
I participated in Artfight last year. It was fun! If you'd like, you can check me out and friend me HERE. Though my character profiles need a serious overhaul. It was my first time! I didn't know what I was doing! Don't judge me!

Rp Preferences

It's all in here.

I enjoy all genres though my preferred are fantasy and romance and to a lesser extent sci fi. My all time favorite though is mixing Fantasy with any other genere. Modern, Historical, Sci fi, whatever. Give me cyborg elves and fairy run coffee bars and wizards who run magically powered train stations damn it!

I also consider myself a member of most nerdy fandoms though I prefer OC's to cannon characters. Fandom worlds can make excellent and easy backdrops for original stories though and almost all of my characters are flexible enough to fit into most settings.

I'm happy to include and write out smut if it serves the story. For any preferences or hard nos please pm me and we can discuss it.

If you would like to rp but don't see a character that speaks to you or fits a story idea you have, still feel free to contact me. I'm always willing to try something or someone new. Just ask! (I may be a bit of an altoholic >.>)

Group Rps

Rpr Artist Recommendations

A list of artists right here on Rpr that I have commissioned or wish I could.

Darkcrow - I'm actually a patreon of theirs! Highly recommend.
Cryptal/Mac - Have commissioned them. Can recommend. Very good communication and dedication to quality.
Corgi/Lue- High quality work and very open to collaboration. Great at animal-adjacent characters!
Birdy99- An amazing up and coming artist. Anime-ish style with emphasis on expression through line and movement.
Guttergoo- An excellent artist who is also really sweet to talk to. Great with fur.
Claine- Not someone I've commissioned ( yet >.> ) but someone who I've seen enough of their work to highly recommend.
Silentsybil- I have commissioned Sybil and she is the sweetest. Her style is so soft and delicate. Cannot recommend enough.
Madratbird- I am always waiting on their next adopt because they are all so great. Their characters and colors are just to die for.
Kruhee- An amazing artist who is especially good with objects and tattoos, though their characters are to die for too. I'm now their patron on Patreon too!

OC ideas so I don't forget

Christian Kane face claim
Plus sized space anthropologist
World Building Profile

Rave Reviews

I flock towards kind hearted, hard working, creative, and talented people. So it's no surprise that when Dndmama contacted me forever ago and wanted to RP I took her up on it. When it didn't turn out as planned, I spent weeks, months actually hoping we'd find two other characters to put through danger, angst, fluff, and romance in general. I'm so glad we did! I love writing with this woman, she is a fantastic wordsmith and I am already head over heels for our characters. In my top four 100%. - MercyInReach
I'm awful at these but Dndmama is so amazing that I have to try. They are an absolute DELIGHT to RP with. They're prompt with responses, a very beautiful writer, and have no issue with OOC contact. They're absolutely WONDERFUL to write with! <33 - DarkCrow

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