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"Make new friends, but keep the old. One is Silver and one is Gold." - Anonymous

ISFJ | Unbroken | Straight | Hunter Main | ♫

Hello, welcome! You can call me Silver. :)

☽ I am whisper and PM friendly. If you see me online or feel you need to reach out to me, by all means my door is always open. I can be found on the alt Silverspeare on furcadia if I am online.
☽ At the present moment, I am interested in indulging the possibility of coming back to RP if I can get things flowing again but if it doesn't work out, then that might just be it for me.
☽ I spend all my days playing Destiny 2 on PC.

Much love,


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Oh wow... this is far overdue... Anytime I have rped with this lovely person, or even just simply talked with him... it has been nothing but pleasant! Shakespeare is ever-so eloquent with his words, and the scenarios that I've been through with him have been an absolute blast! And even if we're not rping, I simply love talking to him, even though we don't talk all that much. WE NEED TO RP MORE! But I'm not gonna force it. Don't worry about that. - DianaLocke
I do not even know where to start. This individual is cordial and friendly, and it has been refreshing to find them so easy to establish rapport with. I promised I was not giving kudos per the challenge on my page (even though they got it, bulls-eye), and that is true! I eagerly await continuing conversation, perhaps even pursuing roleplay, with this person. - carmine

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