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I've been gaming and fantasy world-building, modding, and GMing for years.

I enjoy low- to mid-fantasy medieval stories with realistically believable characters.

The group I publicly run:

Mythic Realms.

The group I'm publicly involved in:

Paper Roses.

M or F can romance my characters, but there must be some attraction between them, and there must be OOC discussion.

My characters prefer slow burn and I won't write cheap smut. I don't like anime or cartoons in these situations as it's just weird, so respect my boundaries and don't come to me with anime characters.

I write between 1-5 paragraphs and in English. If I do make any mistakes I don't mind people pointing them out so I can edit but please don't be rude about it. I don't do 1+1 unless it's with a friend as there have been too many times the other partner has ghosted (but still active on the forums). I like the comfort of small groups and getting to know other writers, their characters, and their ideas.

Hard NO!
Pure smut.
OP Superheroes or other characters.
Narcissists, martyrs, and OOC drama.
1+1 with strangers.
Gross Fetishes.
Severe wounding/death of my characters. You have no control over them. I am their creator. :p

I work shifts in real life, and my job can be stressful. Writing, gaming, and studying help me cope with stress.

I'm not going to write long bios or pages of history for any of my characters. That would be too much information about my character that you would never have known before meeting them.

Most of my characters will be anonymous, as too many people on this site take IC actions and comments personally OOC! That doesn't qualify them as role players or writers. I've even seen some crazy people take other members' roleplay choices personally and negatively when it has nothing to do with them! Seriously, the world does not revolve around you!

Rave Reviews

Bard is a fantastic writer I've come to know with characters that are complex and have so many layers to them that they will keep you captivated. OOC they are very patient, friendly and have a keen sense of humour that lifts the spirits. They deserve more than two qualities! A wonderful writing companion to have on modern, historical and especially medieval fantasy adventures! Hugs! <3 Great sense of humor Wonderful writer - Falyn
Amazing role player with amazing role plays! I look forward to each and every chance I get to roleplay with this incredibly in-depth person.
I've never planned so much OOC with anyone before and he's taught me a great deal about worldbuilding, and now modding. Creative ideas Wonderful writer - Darkfeatures

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