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For years, I have been involved in gaming and creating fantasy worlds. This includes modding and being a GM. My preference lies in low- to mid-fantasy medieval stories. I find it enjoyable when the characters are realistically believable.

The group I publicly run:


When it comes to my writing, I usually produce anywhere from one to five paragraphs, and I strive to ensure that they are error-free. However, I am more than willing to accept any kind feedback from others if they happen to notice any mistakes, as I am always eager to improve. I find great satisfaction in being part of small writing groups, as it allows me to establish connections with fellow writers, explore their characters, and exchange creative ideas. World-building is a particular passion of mine, and I thoroughly enjoy collaborating with others to construct captivating stories.

My characters are open to romance with both males and females, but there needs to be a mutual attraction between them. Additionally, any romantic interactions must be discussed out of character beforehand.

Hard NO!
Pure smut. I lose interest very quickly.
Superheroes/ supervillains, I didn't like comics as a child and they're still not appealing. Everyone has their own preferences and opinions.
Anime/cartoons. Not in adult role-play, it makes me uncomfortable.
Narcissists, martyrs, and Godmodding/ Metagaming, OOC drama and chaotic stupid. Regrettably, I've had the misfortune of writing with these types of people. So I blocked them.
Gross Fetishes.
Severe wounding/death of my characters. Nope, my characters can only be controlled by me.

My workplace is quite demanding, and my job often brings stress. However, I find solace in activities like writing, gaming, and studying, which help me manage and overcome stress.

Rave Reviews

The characters in Bayleaf's works are full of depth, passion, and essence. Having Bayleaf's character interact with mine and reading their thoughts was enjoyable. Bayleaf is very dedicated to RP, and is always up for any plots or scenarios that might arise!
GL Creative ideas Drives the plot forward - Anonymous
Alex (played by BayLeafBard)
When you interact with him for the first time you automatically think 'victim'. But you soon discover behind that innocent look is a dude who runs faster than anyone else. LOL

A great character written by a great role player. Wonderful writer Long-term partner - Anonymous

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