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Active RPs: 14
Planned/In the works/Paused RPs: 32
Available RPs: none available.

**I do NOT tolerate misogyny, stereotyped racist/cultural tropes or chaotic stupid IC/OOC**

*Important OOC note. I do not accept random friend requests. This is not to be rude, but a question of my comfort level.

I am in the EST Canadian time zone.
I have been role-playing since 1983.
I only RP on RPR and Storium at the moment.
I prefer writing in semi-private group forums where I have the time to go back and edit.
English is not my first language, even though it is the language I have always used for written RPs.

I only single ship my characters. (one character = one relationship)
I am only open to romance with a good story plot and only with long time RP partners
I only RP with those 18+ and will only consider IC FxM romance with 21+ both player and character who are long time partners
(maybe MxM if and only if you are one of my long time RP partners and we have discussed it.)

I like a certain amount of realism in all my Role-play, even those that involve magic and supernatural elements. I am not a fan of;
- overpowered godlike beings,
- anime childlike beings,
- furries/anthros,
- evil chaotic characters
-chaotic stupid characters
Such characters simply do not interest me, and I will not RP with them.

As a general rule the only type of monster such as vampires, demons and werewolves I like are the ones my characters kill permanently. I will only make exceptions about RPing with such creatures with trusted long-term partners that make them much more than stereotypical B-movie monsters.

Neither will I RP with people who seem to seek out smut. I prefer attraction to develop naturally between characters and be a matter of love over lust when writing romantic scenes. Desire to be tempered with tenderness, though my characters can be flirty and playful with their significant other.

I have a higher number of characters than on display since many are anons.

"The hardships we face forges us into who we are, as did those whose blood we carry within us. Look not to what or who you have lost, but to all you have gained with each person who has and who will enter your life."
- by Falyn

About Me

A bit about myself. I was born and raised in Quebec, Canada. I'm bilingual and bi-cultural being of French Canadian and Arabic descent. If you notice foxes on my profile, it is not a coincidence, I consider the fox my spirit animal. :D

I'm an experienced RPer for nearly forty years. Yup, I'm older than some of you whipper snappers, so please get off my lawn. French is my first language, but I have studied in English and I've read extensively in English from J.R.R. Tolkien including "The Silmarillion" a few times, "The Dragon Lance Chronicles" "Eberron" fantasy series, "Tales of the Wolves" by Tara K. Harper, "Harry Potter series" and I am still a huge fan of Agatha Christie, though it has been some time since I read Hercule Poirot or Miss Marple and many more works of literature.

I'm also a gamer. I've played a number of MMORPSs and RPGS. Some of my all time favourites that I still play are: The Secret World Legends, Dragon Age franchise, Elder Scrolls Online, Lord of the Rings Online and Black Desert Online.

RP Play Style: What I Enjoy in RP

Favorite Genres: Fantasy: High or Low Magic, Modern or Medieval
Historical: Medieval, 18th Century - New France Period, 19th to late 20th Century
Supernatural: Modern or Medieval
Slice of Life: with elements of mystery and dark moods/past trauma

Paragraphs at least 2+
Long Term Partner(s)
Small group RP (3 to 6)
1x1 When I know and trust my partner IC and OOC
Character Development
Complex Characters
Detailed story arcs
Single shipped characters
3rd person narrative (1st person for thoughts or journal writing is accepted and used)
Mature themes (traumatic backstories, cursing, elements of romance with FxM pairings)
Fade to Black when it comes to sexual acts
Mature 21 + Role-players and characters

RP Play Style: HARD NOs

DO NOT EVER assume control of ANY of MY CHARACTERS even if I use them as NPCs in some RPs.
FxF pairing
misogyny IC/OOC
Permanent Death
Abuse (Sexual/Physical/Psychological/Emotional)
Gross Fetishes (No bathroom stuff, vore, etc.)
"Slavery"/Human Trafficking (especially not sexual, but of any kind is a Hard No!)
Pure Smut
No romantic plots with Angels/Nephilims (Previous bad experience), Anthro/Furry, demons, non-humans or non-demi-humans
No turning my characters into a werewolf (or similar being) or vampire, undead, etc.
1st or 2nd person narrative in RPs (unless it's a character's thoughts or journal writing.)
OOC and IC mixing (I'm not one of my characters and I sure as hell am not looking to date anyone online!)
Characters that look or act as though they are minors for sexual theme RP
RP with minors
One- or two-line replies


Rave Reviews

Falyn is a wonderful writer. I've been involved in one of her fantasy stories and she sets the pace but makes sure everyone follows the plot and understands what's happening. She knows her characters well and never diverges to suit others, and I consider that to be a good quality in a role player. She is super nice and a good RP partner, I highly recommend Falyn. Creative ideas Drives the plot forward - Darkfeatures
While I haven't had the opportunity to write with Falyn yet, I just had to take the opportunity to commend this wonderful writer for her helpful abilities. She's quick to point out the strengths of other writers and encourages them to progress with their skills. All that and with wonderful ideas as well and solid storytelling. Definitely 10/10 Tomahawks! Helpful Creative ideas - MordosKull

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