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"The hardships we face forges us into who we were, are and will be as they did those whose blood we carry within us. Look not to what and who you have lost, but to all you have gained with each person who has and will enter your life."
- by Shan

A bit about myself. I'm an experienced RPer for over 20 years+. Yup, I'm older than some of you whipper snappers, so please get off my lawn. I will not RP with minors due to some of the adult themes I RP. I also do not accept friend requests from people I have not spoken to previously. This is a question of my comfort level. Requests from unknow people tend to stress me out. I at least like to speak to potential partners a little bit OOC first. That being said, English is my second language, but I use English to work and RP as well as write stories as a pastime. I will always try my best to write well, but ask for patience and understanding. I will reply once at least every two or three days unless I am very busy and then I will let my partner(s) know. I will not hassle you for replies if you are my partner, but if I do not hear from you after a month, whether IC or OOC I will consider the RP closed and will move on with my character.

I've read extensively in English from J.R.R. Tolkien including "The Simarillion" a few times, "The Dragon Lance Chronicles" "Eberron" fantasy series, "Tales of the Wolves" by Tara K. Harper, "Harry Potter series" and I am still a huge fan of Agatha Christie, though it has been some time since I read Hercule Poirot or Miss Marple and many more works of literature.

I've been playing D&D on and off for ten years as table top, I've done LARP in French and I have been RPing in games online such as Swtor, Lotro, ESO, GW2, BDO, and SWL for the past five years. I have also played a number of RPG video games since kotor. I was recently introduced to RPR. I've enjoyed my time here so far.

27/10/2020 - I am not currently taking on new RPs at this time with my RL work and the active RPs I have going. I will update when I open up RPs again, thank-you.

Rave Reviews

Ciel Durand (played by Falyn)
Randomly opened Ciel Durand’s page while browsing the list of characters and was greeted with not only a character, but a very deep story! The page is very well laid out and the history was very detailed! Give Ciel Durand a look and enjoy the creativity written here! Creative ideas - Anonymous
Falyn is a considerate, well-coordinated, and fantastic writer. She keeps up with her threads and others so that she can be innovative in posts and worldbuilding in our group. She is smart, sweet, and always caring. By far, she is one of my favorite writers on RPR.
- Kiera Wonderful writer Drives the plot forward - Anonymous

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