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I'm just your everyday normal nerd. untitled_by_jelly_kinder-d68431c.png

Also, I am a relaxed person but I will not tolerate drama!
No bad vibes, just good ones!
Let's roleplay!

I also prefer role playing on Discord or on here, RPR. Be free to message me!

How to reach me!
(Beastie#8204 - Discord)
(Furcadia - Corrupt)

Rave Reviews

Beastie? More like Bestie. This dude thrills my cold dead heart. Even dead computers can't get in the way of my devotion to this player, I mean, let's face it... I went through a lot of weeds to find this flower. Roleplay with him is always fun and great, and I can't ever hardly wait for the next one! - Mayim
I can't write just one thing about this man. Not only are his characters great he is too. A happened friendship started over a sweet rp that wasn't even in bloom at the time. Beastie not only is great at writing stories with his golden words but when he sits down and talks about ideas they are magical. One of my cherished partners that leave me waiting for the next part. He delivers in all categories! Creative ideas Wonderful writer - SennM

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  • Beastie gave Zykla Chronicles (played by MoonDog) kudos:
    I've watched the Zykla grow from the sidelines, but my love and admiration for them hasn't ceased. The detail in the species and history along with traits, is mind blowing. I love everything about them!! <3 Creative ideas Wonderful writer
    (About 1 month 4 weeks ago)
  • Extinction (played by Beastie) has added a new gallery image:
    (About 2 months 3 weeks ago)