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Hi, I am an aspiring author who loves mystery, fantasy, and most literary genres. I've roleplayed in the past in my forum on, but since roleplays seemed to have died there. I decided to come here to get back into roleplaying. Ever since I suffered a brain injury when I was 15, I've used roleplay as a coping mechanism for an anxiety disorder I was also diagnosed with. I generally use a varied style of writing depending on how detailed I want to go into it, but I'm more than willing to adjust my style to how my rping partners would prefer. Many of my RP ideas stem from story ideas I come up with thus I enjoy story driven RPs particularly within my groups.

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Mae Wilson (played by BeccaE)
A great wild west creation I was reading one morning. She has a great history and profile. A fabulous character read. Creative ideas Wonderful writer - LakotaSiouxWarrior

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