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=one who deceives will always find those who allow themselves to be deceived.=

birdy || intp || ravenclaw
Status:Two Month Hiatus(Jan-Feb)
🍮malaysian chinese
🍮aspiring forensic psychologist
🍮coffee or tea?
🍮call me birdy


If you are interested in getting an artwork for your character-please do click on this very cute pixel of molang^^

_f2u____walking_cute_piu_piu_w_o_molang_by_peachkonpeito-dcqs9o9.gif roleplay stuff _f2u____walking_cute_piu_piu_w_o_molang_by_peachkonpeito-dcqs9o9.gif

before the roleplay
send a PM to discuss: -
✔️plot points
✔️roleplay preferences
✔️character chosen
✔️do’s and don’t’s

mature themes
✔️extreme gore and violence
✔️coarse language
➰mental illnesses
✖️graphic sexual themes

favourite genres
🍮fantasy||high-urban-modern fantasy
🍮eastern historical roleplay||fantasy
🍮realistic romance
🍮hurt/comfort roleplay

my roleplay idea threads
🍮thrown into another world?
🍮welcome to the underworld
🍮feudal era ghouls’ shenanigans
🍮magical familiars!
🍮just be friends
🍮welcome home
🍮more to come...
my writing style
✔️multi-para or novella

🍮leisurely: checks in everyday
🍮busy: checks in once or twice a week
🍮school: i’m dead

_f2u____music_notes_border_by_peachkonpeito-dcqfaxh.gifmusic corner_f2u____music_notes_border_by_peachkonpeito-dcqfaxh.gif


all pixels belong to peachkonpeito

Rave Reviews

  • Awesome and thoughtful advice in the School Tips thread, even offered a few pointers I myself would never have thought of!

    And did it in a way that was thorough, easy to understand, and interesting to read!
    -- Subtleknifewielder
  • This person is awesome -- they are a great artist and drew one of my characters for me which was really sweet. And also, we do have a roleplay going and it's very creative with a lot a good, well thought-out ideas. This person is understanding and patient about IRL...
    -- Abigail_Austin

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