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Hi I'm Mercy come on in!

Female, pronouns she/they.

Home is where your heart is. 🌺 (and about two handfuls of others not mentioned ♥️)

By Birdy99

~~ Please don't send me a friend request if we haven't spoken before ~~


This Months RP Response Time:

As the summer approaches, so to energy and muse. Consistent and quicker than usual but only after about Mid-May.


You can read my About Me, RP Rules/Preferences, and RP/Frequency Schedule here:


Rave Reviews

Mercy is an incredibly kind and insightful individual who is nothing short of a complete joy to talk to. Every conversation with her I feel like not only do I learn something from it, but I take away an emotional improvement that helps me see my life from a better perspective. While I have never written with her in rp, I have seen her writing and it's easy to see why she can make writing a full time career with her abilities. In all facets of an individual I would recommend mercy time and again. - Voldarian_Empire
Who so sexy? Gid so sexy? Every bit of this man oozes sexuality. At the same time deep down he's a good man with a hard heart trying to do the right thing in a world that's so often wrong. I can't wait to finally reach the point in our rp when I can finally touch that heart. Love you, Gid! Wonderful writer Long-term partner - Dndmama

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