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Hi I'm Mercy come on in!

Female, pronouns she/they.

Home is where your heart is. 🌺 (and about two handfuls of others not mentioned ♥️)

~~ Please don't send me a friend request if we haven't spoken before ~~


This Months RP Response Time:

Consistent but slow, 1-2 times a week as I'm working on some stuff but also trying to relax. I know, I know, I work too hard lmao.


You can read my About Me, RP Rules/Preferences, and RP/Frequency Schedule here:


Rave Reviews

Mercy is a very strong-willed, passionate individual bursting with creativity and compassion! While we haven't roleplayed together we have talked a lot OOC. She is honest and up front about how she feels but she is also very kind and understanding. She isn't afraid to speak her mind nor apologize when things go wrong. Conversation with her is always a bit witty, goofy and fun. Did you know she writes beyond RP? She is just full of creative ideas and puts so much work into her characters! <3 Kind and understanding Creative ideas - Mipps
MercyInReach is, first of all, an excellent writer. I know this from reading an excerpt of her novel once and from our occasional OOC conversations. Very talented. As for OOC, MercyInReach is one of those people who I may not talk to often, but if I hear something's up, I get concerned and wanna make sure she's okay. She and Sanne took an interest in sort of defending me one time, so I consider her a friend. We haven't RP'd, but I know she's good! Creative ideas Wonderful writer - Abigail_Austin

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